Temporary return window extension


Temporary Third Party Seller on Vacation window extension

Dear Amazon,
We are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of every human on the planet. To give our business stability in these challenging times, we have temporarily put our store on vacation so we are not taken advantage of by the current return window of Amazon’s returns policy. We request that Amazon spend more time filtering sellers who are price gouging and not pushing third party sellers off your site so that you get more sales.

For tonight’s order will be our last until Amazon goes back to a normal return policy.


PLEASE consider updating the return policy to NOT allow returns of PPE that has been open and/or worn. Please for all of our sakes, customers should not be allowed to return glasses, goggles, gloves etc if they have opened the sealed packaging! All PPE distributors have changed their return policy due to the potential to contaminate these items with the Covid19 virus! PLEASE


I don’t have to worry about Returns because Amazon isn’t shipping any of my orders anyway.


I want Amazon to automatically authorize and provide a prepaid shipping label for return requests that meet Amazon Policy.

You want ^^^ this one.

The people who write Amazon policies suck. The above option means -

I want Amazon to:

  • automatically authorize return requests that meet Amazon Policy AND
  • provide a prepaid shipping label for return requests that meet Amazon Policy

I want Amazon to automatically authorize all return requests and provide a prepaid shipping label when eligible.

DO NOT SELECT this ^^^^^ one.

It means -

I want Amazon to:

  • automatically authorize ALL return requests (even ones that are NOT eligible!!!) AND
  • provide a prepaid shipping label when eligible


Amongst other pummeling Amazon is taking from the MSM - including today’s front-page piece, by Jay Greene, in The Washington Post:


We could not agree more, we were expecting news stating due to the safety of everyone involved that customers can’t return items for a period of 30-90 days. What is a company supposed to do if they need to close when people are able to return items still?


I love when decisions are made without any seller input. They could have easily send out a message to buyers letting them know packages can be picked up FOR FREE! Sure hope this is a suggestion and not an enforced rule like the holiday returns policy.


Let’s be honest here Amazon_News. You all know we don’t really have a return window on anything. With the amount of forced returns outside of policies and the shear amount of return-less refunds with safe-t claims denials lets just go ahead and say a customer can return whatever they want for any reason at any time at the sellers expense. Sounds easier.


True … seems we’ve become slaves to the Machine


There is nothing about extending return period that protects the health of anyone – buyer or seller.

It protects Amazon’s financial health.



And they need more time because… they have so much going on like watching Netflix or napping?


They’re too busy actively NOT responding to sellers.


I also like how they didn’t really notify anyone just kind of dropped it into the forums, effective immediately


@UpSell_Innovations…probably busy returning video tapes…

Name that movie


This makes no sense whatsoever. (1) UPS, FedEx and USPS pick up returns at a customer’s residence or business. (2) Customers are sitting at home with more time on their hands than they have ever had before. (3) There is no real benefit to customers and very real harm and expense to sellers. Amazon, why are you doing this to us?


You should set up return policy exemptions for any medical stuff, some doctors are cheap and will return used supplies even in normal times. I sell laser blocking googles that are not FDA certified (industrial/academic only) yet dentists and dermatologists would buy them use them once and then return the claiming their where used.
Taking them off auto-auth returns slowed that abuse a lot since they also lazy and can’t be bothered to go to the PO.


I’d be curious to know if these ‘doctors’ could be held culpable for using non-certified equipment… To be clear, I don’t sell any kind of medical stuff but I am a bit curious…


So I guess for the next couple of months, all book sellers have become libraries.
Really sucks!


This is gonna be abused if Amazon announces it to the buyers.
We already have a few people trying to return high value items bought in Dec and Jan. Laid off and suddenly that $500 item they want to return because they need the case flow.

By back dating this to 3/1/20 everyone who got laid off can force us to take back stuff, and by extending it to May the people who over hoarded will be able to force us to take back stuff that is now three months closer to expiration date.

Bought who have buyers remorse or who over hoarded should have to flog their stuff off on Ebay and Letgo.


Amazon is really putting sellers lives at risk. When all other retailers are going away from accepting returns in terms of safety for their associates, amazon goes the opposite way putting sellers lives at risk to exposure from returns. Amazon should have technically done the same as other retailers. No returns.
I’m hoping media will take some interest in this scenario.
This needs to be reversed completely.