Temporary return window extension


Amazon says challenging times for customers as though sellers are not people, in America, trying to feed and take care of our families too. If we can find the time to get a buyers items mailed to them in a timely fashion, a buyer can still get to the post office within a month. Ive already has people waiting to return items until a few days before a month is up and lie so they don’t have to pay for them return. It’s about to get much worse. If Amazon cared so much they’d eat the cost of the customers buyers remorse and we can tell them to do what they want with the item.


This has got me so angry. It’s so disrespectful!! They are so generous with our money!! Make sure to write a strong return policy and charge shipping on your MF orders! I will be using restocking fees to the extent allowed.


If Amazon REALLY wanted to help it’s sellers, how about giving sellers relief from late shipment metrics and your price gouging bots that are not programed properly.
Extending returns in not something that any seller wants or needs –
Wake up Amazon and try to do something to really help your sellers.
Here is a novel idea, ASK SELLERS what you can do to help us and show that you care about sellers and our struggles in this extraordinary time.
We are working hard to keep things going and we should not have to worry about what Amazon will do to us next to make our business harder


It’s beyond disrespectful. I’m literally at a loss as to how to respond.


As posted in my thread that was removed…you should also increase the 48 hour period between a return and when a credit should be issued. Due to sterilization, logistics, and other constraints brought on by the efforts to fight the outbreak, more time is also warranted for the credit time frame on returns. Thank you.


The notice does not say that extended returns are REQUIRED it only says that they are suggested…So does this mean we don’t have to follow it?

Suggesting something and requiring something are two different things.


What problem exactly is this trying to solve?


Whos on first


Folks are being asked to not go out - to shelter in place. I don’t think customers should be at the UPS store or the post office returning goods until the curve has been bent. Especially in places like NYC. Amazon is doing the responsible thing and if I owned Amazon I’d do the same. That said, I’d communicate a bit better with 3P sellers. Sure, some customers will take advantage of the situation. Probably the same cohort that already takes advantage. Some will return items because they’ve lost their job. I don’t think that we’ll see a whole lot more returns because of this (probably 1-2% more). We should all have baked that cost in already. Most of us 3P sellers still have an income source and that puts us in a pretty good spot.


I don’t mind giving customers a few extra days to return, for lots of people’s lives are in chaos right now. A week or two should do.
Okay, I’ll not even quibble if Amazon makes it a month.

But I expect the same virus-oriented considerations on my end.
I want to be able to quarantine those returns for a few days. I do not want to open packages from an untested source in less than 72 hours after delivery to me. 120 hours would be even better.

Instead of the usual 48 hours to process returns, I want a week.


Though I agree with the general sentiment of what you’re saying, Amazon is completely and totally in the wrong here. In the last ten days or so, I’ve had many, many orders get stuck at local/regional FedEx and UPS facilities - most often for several days at a time. Did Amazon EVEN REMOTELY take that into consideration? Not at all. They simply ruled against me whenever an A-Z claim was filed against me - Without so much as notifying me until an outcome was reached and the refund was issued.

Edit: Except for this part “Most of us 3P sellers still have an income source and that puts us in a pretty good spot.”

At least in my case, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Wish there was an unlike button. Would had been several hundred by now.


COULD NOT AGREE MORE! we need time to let incoming packages sit before we touch them!


How do you know that?
Most FBA sellers of non essential items had seen steep decline in sales. Up to 95% decline! A lot of us will be out of the game soon.


Don’t forgot Amazon will pocket a large portion of the fees associated with this. And give you back used potentially contaminated goods…


They can make their returns the same way I shipped their product to them. Schedule a pick up with UPS or USPS. Heck…this can even be done now when making the return!! That is NO exscuse.


True , Jeff is Fast to give out other people’s money


I don’t have any hard numbers. I just know my situation and I think that I’ll survive. I’m thinking many (or most) are in the same boat. Perhaps I’m wrong.

I’ve been hurt pretty badly because I was mostly FBA. Most of my items were also setup as FBM and not all of my inventory was at Amazon. So I’m alive and thankful. I also have Etsy, Walmart, Web, Ebay… Most of my FBA inventory is not moving. In the last few days my FBM began to move. I’m optimistic and always look for the up-side.


Can’t wait to see how many “trash” filled boxes come back due to the infamous amazon no inspection return policy Jeffy has in place… i guess it’s good to be king, even if you have an evil empire… :crown:


So this is a PR step AMZ is taking to get the heat off from warehouse worker’s complaints? Along w/ it’s new heroic ads based on said employees-which aren’t fooling anyone.

If AMZ wants to extend FBA returns…
Why lay it on the 3rd parties, most of whom are working w/ a skeletal staff, attempting to fulfill orders in a timely manner. We don’t want used clothes, stained. creased books, empty/squashed containers at the end of May, beginning a whole new cycle of infection!!