Temporary return window extension


This is wrong. I get returns filed every day that are 27-29 days old. I bet they will be 57-59 days for the next two months. Amazon S----.


I hope that the items returned to the warehouse can be sterilized to avoid infection of workers or others.


So we are getting penalized for no fault of our own when packages arrive late via all the Amazon Buy Shipping vendors that we use to protect for INR? Amazon, this is the worst possible thing that could have been done to 3PM’s. And have literally no flexibility on shipping windows, as a matter of fact, 2 of the closest USPS locations to us, are closed as of Monday. Reason - positive COVID-19. So, one of the locations is our annex. Many of our shipments go out via USPS, and returns by the customer when we issue a label, go by USPS (as it is the least expensive for us, and locations are the closest in case issues come up). The annex processes all incoming mail to our area, and distribute out to the other post offices in a 10 mile radius. Guess what has already happened? we see packages sitting at a post office awaiting pickup from staff from the annex, so who knows how long this will take? Returns are expected to have the same problem. UPS left notices to all tenents in our building that they will no longer be coming by for deliveries or pickups and must be done at the local UPS store.


you are right


Will Amazon be guaranteeing all returns will be infection free? This is beyond a bad idea, bad policy and may turn into a new vector for Covid-19.


Customers can now use an item for 3 months and then return it. There is no danger in printing off a return label and sticking it back in your mail box or scheduling a UPS or FED EX pick up and leaving it on your front porch.


I will consider donating to amazon if buyers return the masks ( i am afraid someone who wash and return it after use), Refund money or A-to-Z? “Because nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, selling partners, employees, and the communities we serve.”

  • I don’t agree with this approach, because it is not conducive to stopping the spread of the COVID-19.


This is a very ridiculous policy! I am selling Thermometer Forehead for Fever, a material to fight COVID-19. If the epidemic is over, they have used this product and returned it, which caused me a lot of losses. So, this Amazon policy forced me to stop selling this product.


Can anyone give me some insight on how to provide pre-paid labels to customers for FBM orders?


I am in Houston while the inventory is in Vail, CO. Should I return to Vail I am subject to a 14 day quarantine. Vail’s ski season was abruptly closed when it was discovered that a large party in Vail went to northern Italy for skiing and returned in time to attend the Burton snowboarding competition only to infect over 200 Mexican nationals as was discovered when they got home. My buyers understand the situation however I suggest that the Amazon published delivery times be expanded or warnings need to be in effect. I shipped a package to Vail from Houston on Monday via UPS with the intent of delivery in 2 days. The clerk said that 2 day delivery was not guaranteed due to current conditions. I asked if I paid more could they guarantee the delivery only to be told that no delivery times to Vail were guaranteed. Lastly, in Vail residential parcel delivery with few exceptions is ultimately handled by USPS. Due to sickness and quarantines activities of all sorts have been disrupted. Our only national drug store Walgreens was closed because there is not enough pharmacists and retail personnel available. Delivery services have been similarly affected. Amazon and its customers need to understand that the infrastructure supporting small town delivery is fragile and expectations need to be tailored to what is possible.


Amazon knows exactly what they are doing. Trying to make Amazon more money. The people giving Amazon so much success “sellers” continue to be the working functions of Amazon. Classic business model that we’re all forced to be a part of if we want to work on this platform.

Nothing will ever change. Amazon does exactly what they want, when they want, and we’re trained to praise them for any small thing they do that may benefit sellers, anything.

Same story just a different day.


Sounds like a class action lawsuit to me. We as sellers are risking our lives and getting the short end of the stick by footing the bill. Not only are we risking our lives to get this stuff out now but again when having to accept 3 month old returns. Amazon days are limited!


I disagree what is amazon thinking.This will affect us not in a good way.


So While people are at home we can basically give them our items and amazon still get their fees. Because an item used for 2-3 months when returned mostly likely will not be able to be resold. I guess this is how amazon help their customers at home by giving them free products to occupy their time for 3 months. How does this help the sellers especially when most of us cannot send anything in to FBA so we are loosing money there and now you screw us on the returns. This should not happen at all they need no extended return especially when usps offer free pickup.
Why not have amazon carriers do free pickup for the returns instead putting more burden on the sellers?


we sell exercise equipment so you are telling me that when the gyms open back up everybody can send all of their weights back for a refund !!!
this is going to cost us a fortune.personally this is a dumb idea


It is not renting because you actually make money from rent.


I agree that this could be dangerous. Items coming back with a potential for virus contamination will have to be quarantined themselves separate from the warehouse? And the “no longer needed” I am sure we will all see often. uuuugh.


I know I am repeating myself, but there is no evidence that this change is being automatically applied to 3rd party sellers. For those brave enough to order from 3rd parties here on Amazon, you should be able to look at one of your recent orders and prove this to yourself.

There is a new option on your return settings (Settings at upper right hand corner, then return settings) for extended return settings. This appears to be completely voluntary.

I agree that the announcement was worded poorly, and expected clarification from a mod by now.


Why allow returns at all? How about no returns until April 30th. People are at home getting items delivered with no risk. Once things pick up, we’ll see mass returns and buyer remorse with incorrect return reasons

What about customers in NY, NJ, FL? I don’t want them to send something back to me in California (risking the entire neighborhood)


We don’t seem to have this option and yet our listings state that the items are " Eligible for return till 2020-05-31 and restocking fee may apply". Why put that in place if they only request that sellers match Amazon’s policy "request that you match our returns policy for the applicable Amazon website, regardless of your fulfillment solution.