Temporary changes to refund and reimbursement policies for seller-fulfilled orders


Yeah…so they are saying you have 14 days…but buyers are NOT going to wait that long before leaving neg FB or filing a claim…are we going to be protected in these cases? I’m not risking it.


You are not reading it correctly. As before SAFE-T claims are for occasions when customer service issues a refund, not when the seller refunds.


I don’t know about that…

The language above states "You may also file a SAFE-T claim for refunds that YOU issued during the extension period. "


So True! And I think the Buyer knows this.


Not sure this applies to the OP you responded to, but this is not relected in your response, in is a very interesting point to be realized.


@OakWallet @yh I’ve been also searching for the right option to be selected for months so it will go to the appropriate department that handles such issues.So if I recall it correctly it was under:

Get support/your account/other account issues and I described the issue and in the top line wrote: “report return abuse” and received the following response:

"Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thank you for bring this incident with the buyer for the Order : #114-9022320-XXXXXXX into our attention.

As per your request, I’ve forwarded your message about Order : #114-9022320-XXXXXXX to the Amazon team that reviews buyer activities as part of any investigation into possible violations of our policies. For account privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose the outcome of any investigation. However, we appreciate your vigilance, as it performs a vital role in maintaining the integrity and security of our website.

Additionally, as you are already following our guidelines correctly, please continue following the same for the refund of this order, as per our Restocking Fee Guidelines. For more info, please refer this useful page : https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/201725780?referral=ABCUUXYG85DU0_A342ZNQAIPGEIK"


I had the exact same issue last week when trying to report a buyer. Directed to a “report a seller” page… I opened a new case and was directed a second time to a “report a seller” page. Would love to know where/how to actually report a buyer.


Not sure if this link will lead you to the right spot but hopefully it will:



How about some changes to Seller Feedback?

Are you serious, this feedback system is so messed up. A customer complains about not receiving rain suits when they ordered peat moss and Amazon wont remove the feedback. Amazon is killing my feedback rating because human people cannot read this keeps happening.

What am I supposed to do just accept the unfair policies of Amazon and let them ruin my ratings. This is totally stupid.

The recent amount of negative feedback that we have no control over and many times is illegitimate is not fair Amazon! Amazon responds within seconds with an automated service from an email address tam-level2@amazon.com

I’m so upset because this keeps happening and Amazon doesn’t care that its good sellers are not being treated fair. there are more like this that I have been denied.


So… when will Amazon do an automatic refund of an automatic return-
1. the 7 days after return delivery, as they do now
2. 14 days after delivery per above.
3. 5 days after the 14 days as above (considering that we have 2 days now/previously to refund and they automatically do that after 7 days, or 5 days beyond the 2 days we are allowed).

this whole thing is going to end up in the weeds really, really quickly


We don’t even pretend to know what this actually means.

With maybe 500 orders not delivered on time, many never scanned what are we now being told to do?

and pardon us but,
what IS a “Lost in transit” claim for any refund issued by Amazon.

Do we expect that Amazon will now refund us for lost or unscanned USPS packages (bought with buy/ship) when they won’t even remove feedback for the same?


Negative feedback should be dropped as well for items lost or not received


Negative feedback should be dropped as well for items lost or not received.


This is the message I got when I tried

This order is not eligible for SAFE-T claim. Only Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, MFN Prepaid Return Label orders, Easy Ship orders and VAS orders, are eligible for SAFE-T claims. Please refer to Amazon SAFE-T Claim Policy for more details


If I authorize a return who sends the customer return postage


Once the costumer claims Amazon A-Z guarantee, you can get the reimbursement. For next time before the refund, ask your costumer to claim Amazon A-Z guarantee, then you will not be affected. I learned this after I completed a full refund for an order delivered to jail facility but not received by the costumer.


Not to make fun but a costumer is a person that makes or sells costumes…:laughing::tophat::kimono::wink:


Same happened to me.


I totally agree. I have had more returns and lost packages more in the last 2 months than in 6 years. This is “crap”. Most of my packages are under 5 oz and Amazon’s pre-paid postage cost more than the original postage, so I end up losing money on returns.


So why is this hidden? Are you saying anyone can look up the case ID?