Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


I went to start my FBA shipment today and got this message. I’m guessing I can’t send this item in because it isn’t toilet paper or soap?


I also get the error:
Unable to save manifest product please try again later


They aren’t allowing anything now to be sent in that isn’t Medical or Household until April 5th. This is going to kill us.


Yes, it is CRAZY! Per Amazon, “For products other than these, we have temporarily disabled shipment creation. This will be in effect today through April 5, 2020” Sellers can no longer send ANYTHING to FBA centers except for household staples and medical supplies unless shipping plan was completed prior to today. WOW.

NO new manifests can be created until 04/05 at the earliest (except for hh staples and medical)


Use FBM instead. May not be as convenient but you will survive.


Wha’ts crazy about it? Amazon needs employees to fill orders. They don’t have them and are allowing current employees to take as much time off as they want right now. Even if you could send products to amazon they would not get shipped to buyers.

Amazon has also set aside $25 million to help any employees who ends up with Coronavirus


Until April 5th…


Some just can’t do FBM


I don’t see much difference. These would have just sat in the warehouses for weeks/months. At least this way you have the product as Amazon has less time to screw it up.


It’s Crazy for those who need to live on day-by-day income.


People buy with a much higher percentage FBA vs FBM.

It is not that FBM is impossible, but when you run your business 1 way and then have to change completely literally overnight it is not easy.

Finally, the biggest complaint is they are constantly telling us to not keep too much inventory in their warehouses, so we generally keep about 3 weeks worth of goods. But now they are saying thanks for complying with this part, but we are going to hose you for it.


I think it is a really smart and thoughtful move. It is a step that will cost them and me money (but a lot less of a loss to me than of a restaurant owner, etc.). As I listed to and read the news and watch, this is the 1st thing to directly effect my small biz. Just hits home and is something I would have never guessed would happen.


Yes I understand that but amazon can NOT process the FBA orders they have SO even if you could send you stuff to amazon all it would do is sit.


I’m hoping they will slowly roll out other categories and allow more items incremental as their capacity grows. Hiring 100,000 workers is a pretty massive undertaking and will take time. I spoke to one of the amazon delivery drivers yesterday and he said they are absolutely slammed and have too many packages to deliver.


I’m hoping they will slowly roll out other categories and allow more items incremental as their capacity grows.

Me too. Hopefully some categories are opened earlier than April 5th. People need things other than eating during isolations - to kill boredom, especially. Some of my products have been selling like crazy. I was hoping to ship more today… :disappointed_relieved:


mikemass Wrong website. Go peddle your nonsense at Fox News.


mikemass this has nothing to do with politics, and nothing has been blown out of proportion. We have been confronted with a highly infection virus to which our country is not equipped to handle. If you though you were not going to be affected by everything shutting down you were living in a dream land.


Didn’t you get the memo? Italy and the rest of the world are apparently making everything up to help the democrats. Clearly that’s the most logical conclusion…


I wish they limited the number of items (let’s say 50 or 100 pieces per day) instead of just cutting us off completely with no notice. This way we could still ship in our best selling items without the garage being full of boxes in 2 weeks


If only I would have some prior notice. Like 24 hours.
Most of my products are in a warehouse 30 miles from me. In the tri state New York area traffic it is like 100 miles. I am not set up for FBM. No shipping table, supplies, etc. I only do FBA.