Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Is anyone considering 3PL fulfillment services because of this temporary prioritization? If so, which one are you guys are looking for?


It sounds like they r opening back up select items and will continue too add more gradually

The restock report only shows what is eligible to be sent in right now. My new restock report has zero eligible items


Mine has 2…maybe this is the beginning …


There are more workers becoming infected in the FBA warehouses. Workers aren’t being tested and they aren’t provided masks due to widespread shortage.

More FBA workers are choosing to stay home without pay. More FBA workers are feeling like Amazon isn’t protecting them in the workplace.

Unless FBA warehouse conditions improve soon, it wouldn’t be surprising if there are more delays or even complete area closures soon.

This is probably a good time and opportunity to switch to Merchant Fulfilled.


Our local FBA warehouse in Hazleton, PA has a worker that tested positive. Someone in my town said that the Amazon driver told her to leave the package on her porch for 8 hours in the sun, open it, pour contents out and then put the card board out. I guess they should also add to clean the item too.


This is Amazon’s way of quietly extending the deadline without extending the deadline. Amazon is still way behind in their warehouses BUT items are being shipped a lot more quickly. It is noteworthy that Amazon Pantry is still down and empty. You would think that would have been one of their first priorities so it makes you wonder how good things really are.

One estimate by someone who works at Amazon overseeing the “screens” of inventory said it would likely take at least a more or two for FBA to even be 50% open as a best-case scenario. He said right now they are only opening up for a few more holes they have and those will be first-come-first-serve and will likely close quickly so it will be a race to see who snags the slots first.

So if you use FBA and have inventory ready to go, run that report and snag your spots today if possible.


Advertising has become a big waste of money at this point.
The ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) has shot way up since about 25 March.

  1. Prospective customer clicks on the ad.
  2. Customer likes product but sees the 1 month delivery time.
  3. Customer doesn’t buy it.
  4. Seller loses sale.
  5. Seller loses the advertising payment (must pay Amazon for that ad click).
  6. Amazon wins even without shipping anything.
  7. Seller gets double whammy.


I have placed about 8 MCF orders in the last week and all except one was shipped on time.


It doesn’t matter if it’s essential when it comes to OUTGOING from warehouses. For those timeframes, it just matter WHICH warehouse(s) these items are located.


Thank you Amazon for opening my eyes.


I think I will cancel my Prime Membership!


Perhaps they don’t know either.

I have been counting down the days. April 5th will come next week! Can’t wait. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Life is full of hope :tulip:


I have listed several items before the Corona Virus emerged and am awaiting to have items shipped to the Arizona Amazon Fulfillment Centre - Arizona…Will these items be accepted or rejected by FBA?




But FBA items seem to always sell better - have more views etc


I hate to ask, but since President extended the stay at home orer until April 30th, will that affect this? Will we “non essentials” be able to stat shipping to FBA again next week? I ask jsut so I know steps to take for my inventory.


Not sure if this was answered but will the monthly fee Amazon charges us be waved or reduced due to this decision ?



Or at least no announcement regarding that at this time.


Not taking shipments. Delaying the few orders I do have but still charging me the $40 subscription fee.


Are we still on track for sellers to begin shipping FBA on April 5th ?
An update would be appreciated.
Thank you