Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Maybe amazon is catching up…few of my items will be available for delivery to my zipcode by Friday-Saturday…big improvement from April 21-22.
Are memory cards and flash drives essential ?


I have to agree. I know I’m going to get bashed to no end for saying what I am about to say but I just can’t bite my tongue any longer. I’ve been watching these forums for years. Only in the past few have I posted to them occasionally and I try to be respectful, positive and helpful. I try to follow the rule that if I don’t have something nice or helpful to say, don’t say anything at all.

So anyway for years I have seen some of these supposedly mega FBA sellers in here bragging about their hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars worth of sales per month. I’ve seen them belittle smaller sellers left and right. I had one of them say to me a few years back that if they only made a few hundred bucks a day they would not bother. So…here is my 2 cents now. I’ve ran my small business since before there was internet. Since 1979 the most employees I’ve ever had was 2. My business has never grossed more the $250k in a year. So I ask, why is it all these supposed mega million sellers are crying bloody murder blaming their loss of sales on Amazon and saying they will go out of business in a month? Guess what, I’m 100% FBM, always have been. My items are leather motorcycle accessory related and my sales have died. This is my busiest time of the year and I have made less in two weeks than I normally make in a day this time of year. Yet, here I am putting up the good fight. With my supposed insignificant income I have prepared for an emergency such as this. I’m paying my employees salaries in full while they are home self isolating and I can do so for up to 6 months if needed. I suggest if you’re one of the sellers I’m talking about you might rethink your business plan and profit margins. Emergencies will happen and being able to weather them is what makes you successful.

Anyway, I suggest those not busy now with new found time on your hands to try and perform a helpful service. I’ve been going down to one of the larger grocery warehouses here for Associated Foods. Yesterday there were over 100 trucks waiting in line to unload. I spent 4 hours taking food orders and running back and forth to fast food restaurants bringing back food to drivers. I brought several drivers that could leave their truck for a little while to my shop so they could take a shower since most truck stops have closed their showers and restrooms. I’m going to ship my massive 4 orders that came in last night right now and go do the same thing again.


We do too but FBA wins the buy box so it’s a real pain.


You won’t even be able to create a shipment if it’s a non essential item.


Some of us have discounts if we keep a certain amount of inventory in stock. Since inventory levels will be falling below their discounted range, they are going to wave any fees associated for falling below these numbers. Hope that explains it.


Actually the fact that they are a private entity gives them the right to make any decision they want regarding how and when they will do business as long as they are not breaking the law.


China is not known for over-reacting.
China is not known for their human rights record (past & present)
China has state run media

If you believe our current restrictions are due to our media’s over-reaction, what do you believe caused China to impose a lockdown of over 3 billion citizens?


The death rate on Covid-19 is at minimum 10X more deadly than the regular flu. To put it another way, if only half of American’s get the Corona Virus, that would be 3,272,000 people dead.

…and there is NO vaccine for this.


Can we add wood products industry to this list of accepted items? Chainsaws, Chainsaw Carriers, Replacement Parts, etc are vital to the community at this time. We still need them for storm clean-ups, emergency power issues, road-clearing, etc. Thank you.


Is there a report we can run to see which of our items are classified as essential, so we can know what to restock?

And since many FBA items are showing upwards of 30 days for delivery, would Amazon consider letting us do SFP if we can deliver in less than 30 days? It’s sad that they’re still giving the Buy Box to FBA offers with 30 day shipping when there are FBM offers with <7 day delivery. Amazon Prime is meaningless with 30 day delivery.


I am some how having my sale volume gone up. for the last few months I try to overload my goods on FBA because it easier to send a lot of the same thing at a time and make sure I have 90 days of goods on FBA. right now 20% to 25% of my FBA good is sold out. I think the reason my volume gone up is because the other seller only send as little as they need to FBA and I do big volume. 2 reason i am doing well is the other seller sold out of their stuff early and I still have my stuff up and some of the listing where I am now the only seller now.


Just got off the phone with a friend who thought only Amazon fulfilled emergency items being sold and shipped.


I’m wondering about how Amazon is going to re-open shipping in other categories. They can’t possibly do it all at once or they will get slammed with too many shipments.

I’m thinking if they are smart, they will add one category at a time or limited groups. If you were ordering the categories by importance, this would be my suggestion:
home & kitchen
sporting goods

other ideas?


I admit I am being “dense” here, I dont know if my brain is on overlad or what. I understand the fact that they are not accepting shipments in. I have 160 Easter Dog treat baskets already at FC, w/ 6 pending orders, 2 that havent moved in 4 days, and others 2 days pending. Does this mean that they will suspend shipping my product out to customers at this time? My listing says prime, I have BB , and it says order today, recieve Sunday. But does this mean they will stop offering my SKUs for sale? And again forgive me . my brain has just gone blank on this. And I cannot make more and do FBM, as it took me 80 hours to create what I sent them.


Has anyone noticed that a majority of the items delivering in the usual 2-days through Prime are items sold and shipped by Amazon OR are big money-maker companies?! Poke around, I encourage you to check for yourself.
Our product is considered essential yet can’t be delivered until April 23rd. Big companies who sell a similar product are being shipped and delivered by Sunday. Amazon is prioritizing yes, but, not based on what’s essential but on who makes them the most money! Disgraceful.


Yes, all my Easter stuff that is FBA says it won’t be delivered until after May 4th… Easter is the 12th. :frowning:


That’s awful! I feel your pain


You can add all your items to a shipping plan set qty to 50 to make sure SNL items don’t show an error and you will see the items that are excluded have a message saying they are not accepting them at this time. If you have allot of items you can do this by category with bulk upload shipping plan. Download your active listings from reports page filter them by category then copy paste the SKU into the shipping plan template, you can download the template from your FBA shipment page at the top of the page is the link “upload shipping plan file”. you’ll see the template download on that page.


They do receive shipments. Some of my shipments have arrived and they put them in shelves quickly. But, there are some that’s so slow that I hope they won’t forget and got them discarded. :sweat:

That being said… Hope everyone in the warehouse is well. That’s more important.


Deliberately vague new email, does anyone speak corporate? :rofl:

My best interpretation is “still closed till the 5th and then open if there’s low stock” Or did they mean they’re opening back up as of now?