Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


IF it ends on April 5th. If…


Yeah, they are dumb, I sell hospital grade hard surface sanitizer to salons, spa & gyms. But can be used anywhere. It’s a high demand item. So they are blocking this item from coming to their warehouse. But I was able to send tanning goggles & stickers. Yeah those are important.


did you get any answer?


did you get any answer?


The market is by far the most efficient feedback mechanism for determining what the priorities are and for meeting that demand. Attempting to front-run that mechanism has crippled the distribution system for all products–including, most notably, the ones for which there is the most pressing and immediate demand.


Nope. It would be good if Amazon would clarify this further, but I haven’t seen any new communications about it. Hopefully they update everyone soon though.


Yes and Amazon delivered it. They caused total panic when they announced that stuff. I am still trying to support people on here when I need something. I have not noticed terribly long wait times. just maybe 5 to 6 days longer which is fine that is how delivery used to be!!


Not true. If the items you have in Amazon FBA are not one of the essential items that Amazon has listed…Amazon will NOT even ship your items out to customers until mid-April at the soonest. Customers are not buying/paying for things now, that they can’t receive until late April. So Amazon has cut-off both the shipping in and selling through FBA on all non-essential products.


It will probably be awhile before Amazon can return to normal FBA shipping times. And rightly so, considering what is to come over the next two or three months. This is a tsunami that covers the globe. And in America, we are not in the clear, either. Take a look at what can be expected in your own state. What is happening in your state? How much time is there to act?


Thank you Amazon warehouse workers and delivery people still working. Thank you to Amazon management and just everyone who helps make what we do possible.
Adding workers to help in this matter is awesome! I am looking forward to April 5 as I do need to restock in some products. However, I do not blame Amazon for this in any way, it is my job as a seller to have enough stock in stock, it is about 3 weeks only before we can restock people. Amazons customers are our customers, let us do our best next to our customers to make sure Amazon provides needs in this horrible time. It will only help all our companies in the long run to continue working with this awesome company!!


same situation! I checked my listings today and was surprised that estimated time fo for delivery 1 month. WTF. we are living in a crazy time. Hope everything will be ok soon


We had listings “yanked”…that would have been nice to know ahead of time. I am certain others have had the same thing happened to them with no warning nor clear instruction on why and when the listings will be reinstated. How hard is it to communicate things better?!


Amazon is now delaying shipments of all our FBA inventory. Up to one month. And they’ve announced this fact publicly, which is crashing our sales. In Italy and France, they have completely stopped shipping “non-essentials”.

Most of our inventory is in Amazon warehouses.

Removal order will take too long.

So here’s the question of the hour: Will Amazon also delay shipping Multi Channel Fulfillment shipments? Like, if I switch from FBA to FBM, and then use Amazon’s shipping to ship my inventory in their warehouse? We’re technically not allowed to place test orders from our own inventory. I suspect they will delay all shipping, regardless the source. But it would be great to get a definitive answer.


You won’t get one from Amazon (well except for the type of definitive answer you usually get from Seller Support that just means they make things up in a definitive manner).

So here’s your answer: of course they are going to delay filling MCF. Those orders have always had less priority. They aren’t suddenly going to receive greater priority. And now there are additional priority selection procedures in place that those orders will fail.


Jeff is asking for donations to help his employees …


Amazon is good company!, help most people!


While I do not consider myself an Amazon basher, that’s an absurd statement.

They are what they are – neither good nor evil. Or only as evil as the law and the media will allow anyway.


Amazon is temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products.

We see a lot of products that are not in the essential and high demand products on Amazon but for some reason, Amazon granted them with fast delivery (Arrives: April 1 - 4
Fastest delivery: Mon, Mar 30)

For example:

  1. Shoes

  2. Watches

  3. Mascara

  4. Ping pong balls

I can continue the list upon request.

This is just ridiculous


Our Toys are currently selling really well because they are in demand by parents as they have to entertain their home bound children. Many of our FBA Toys are sold out or very low. Can we restock this essential product?


We sell DVDs to people 55+ that allow them to work out from home with programs that are specifically suited for older folks. There has never been a higher demand for at-home workout programs than now. Is staying healthy and fit while cooped up and isolated considered “essential” for seniors? We think so!