Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


We already have a some what price control system in place. why not just make that a bit strict. cause you have to look at it this if you have been doing Amazon you have been doing it all along. You find the product cheap then sell it for a profit.


I’m FBA all the way but it’s not Amazon’s responsibility to “bail out” 3rd party sellers, especially those who aren’t properly prepared for a 3 week ban on inbound shipments. Maybe I’d feel differently if Amazon suspended all 3rd party FBA sales for 3 weeks, but that’s not the case. Anyone complaining about a 3 week inbound ban should take a look at their own operational shortcomings, not point fingers at anyone else.

Let’s not forget that Amazon is prioritizing products that the country needs and by restricting certain categories, they’re hurting their own bottom line. That’s not to say they’re not making a ton of money right now, but they’re leaving money on the table with these restrictions.

You want to argue that someone needs to help our our small businesses, that’s cool. But it’s Congress, not Amazon that should lend a hand.


If you use Amazon Buy Shipping you can choose carriers, including UPS. It will show estimated cost of different classes and carriers so you can choose according to cost if you want. The shipping charge is deducted from your sales proceeds. Rates are Amazon’s negotiated rates.


@Anubis_P_E, I agree that 3P Sellers might be able to get “new” products in those gated categories in-stock quickly and to Buyers faster than Amazon at this time.

I don’t agree that just any 3P Seller should be allowed access to these direct-contact categories, which are gated for the protection of Buyers. Amazon is right to place restrictions here to ensure legitimate Sellers are offering legitimate products.


Yes, @USAMADE_Product.

Please see @primetime’s Post #506 here and my Post #124 here for more info.


You are missing the big picture completely. Might I remind you that this is Amazon, not FEMA, they are a private entity. It is not their responsibility nor should they have the authority to decide what is essential or not. There are Federal, State, and local entities for this.

There are also local stores pulling from the same supply chain. It changes nothing, those goods would end up on your empty grocery store shelf if they were not going to Amazon. Preventing people from operating their business during this time is not right, the economy must continue to function or there will be even more people in dire straights. That is cutting off your nose despite your face. Business 401. It’s one thing to prioritize but it another thing to completely stop shipments. This could get extended and a lot of people will go out of business. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to get product back in stock minimum starting April 5th. If Amazon was shutting down because of the virus infecting their workers that is a whole other thing, they are hiring more workers. If they want to expedite much needed items that is fine, but don’t shut down business for everyone else, especially without warning. There are many other ways they could have done this. One might be to limit shipment or inventory quantities and/or reroute “essential” items to specific distribution centers. We are a descent size operations and this is our peak time, there are 12 other vendors that feed our operation that need to keep operating also. Giving people the ability to help themselves IS the humane thing to do. FBM creates a huge mess for us, our operation is not setup for that. How do we know this won’t get extended or they wont do it again later. We should be able to depend on Amazon for our business.


I think the OP is asking if FBM merchants are able to use Amazon’s negotiated rate. The rates offered in “buy shipping” are higher than Amazon’s negotiated rate used for FBA.


I also wondered if OP was asking to use their own negotiated rates with UPS for Buy Shipping, which they can do.

Hopefully we’ve pointed them in the right direction, whatever the question. :sweat_smile:


For a minute there I thought we were now able to use Amazon’s rate. That would be fantastic.


Together we protect our health from the global epidemic, and wish you peace and health


Just to verify…inventory already in warehouses is still available for purchase? I’ve heard ‘gossip’ that non essentials are not even available for purchase. Hoping that’s not true. Thanks


@Skyline_Workshop Is it so hard for you to check any item in FBA if it’s available for purchase ?


No, it’s not. I have. Just curious if I was missing anything. Sorry to bother you


You need a website… make you have more than one sales channel always.


Yea rejecting products for no reason whatsoever… Who win’s from this kind of action??


I hope this doesn’t stay this way for too long :thinking:


I do both FBA and FBM. About equal sales from both. I noticed about 3 weeks ago that my FBM sales more than doubled and my FBA sales went way down. I think they ghosted some FBA items tnat were non emergency because they were having trouble with the increased volume. I decided to not send any more FBA shipments off until I got a grasp as to what was going on. During the past three weeks I would occasionally have a great FBA then it would fall of again. My FBM sales would go up the days my FBA sales dropped.

You have to be proactive during these difficult times take care of yourself. Its dog eat dog in my book. Amazon is going to do what they have to do to survive. If they hire more people and the panic buying slows things will be back to somewhat normal soon.


Please let your 3rd party sellers perform as we always have. Will honesty customer service fast shipping and dignity.


Please let your 3rd party sellers perform as we always have. Will honesty customer service fast shipping and dignity.


Hello, There are many items I find that are in short supply but I am unable to send them into FBA. Can some of these categories be ungated in order to allow for those of us restricted to send these items in?