Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


I’m concerned that the April 5th shipping date will actually be extended .

It’s a continuously evolving situation.

Many measures related to the Coronavirus have been put in place for a 2 week period but really only to be reassessed later.


This is the question at the moment.

My sales have dropped quite a bit over the last couple of days.

As long as customers are prioritizing these staple items and not buying other goods then I guess it’s just as well that we don’t have a lot of inventory in the FCs .

We’re in waiting mode to see how long this buying behaviour lasts and it’s too early to tell right now.

I’m hoping that this initial panic buying subsides soon but even afterwards there’s the question of whether people are just going to be buying less anyway due to economic factors.


Call your Congressmen and let them know what is happening. Amazon is putting many businesses out of business! How is this prioritizing when we can’t even ship, that is excluding businesses.


But remember, profiteering will get you booted off the platform. Unless “you” is Amazon. Bah.


So, if an order comes through, we have to use our own shipping service, correct?
What about prime orders? Do we need to manually turn them off if we can’t create labels on amazon?


Call your Senators and Congressmen and let them know what I going on.


Innocent question here. What loan are you talking about? Can you get loans from Amazon?



If an order comes through for your FBA inventory, it will be shipped as normal, by Amazon. They are limiting inbound shipments to FBA.




As our friend Papy says, the Amazon Lending Program is a real thing; we ourselves have never used it, but it must be admitted that a majority of the forum posts that I’ve read over the years, made by members of our Seller Community who do, express a general level of satisfaction with the program.

That said, if one is considering signing up in these uncertain times, I would recommend reading the Cautionary Tales represented in recent topic-threads such as these 3:


Respectfully, this is a misguided approach that will ultimately get you banned. This is a crisis and people need important items. You shouldn’t have put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify. Keep cash on hand. This is basic business 101. The strong will survive this, even though sales are down right now for many of us. Amazon is learning on the fly just like we are. If they had it their way, all of us would be selling tons right now. Adapt. Overcome.


Well, I’m NOT FBA but all my sales have stopped. 0 sales.


I’m not FBA but all my sales have stopped.


No please DO NOT do this. Ship the items yourself if you want to keep selling. We are in a crisis. My sales are down over 75%. SO WHAT. WE ARE IN A CRISIS. Boggles my mind that people cannot see past themselves


I think my biggest complaint is not being able to label my products as a merchant because creating a shipment is blocked at that point. It would be nice to be able to create and label as a merchant so when 4/5 comes around we are ready to ship!

Any suggestions?


Whatever… This is is an emergency situation where we’re trying to prioritize the welfare of people. Who cares about your bottom line. Didn’t you make any savings?


You can go in the listing under inventory, and click Edit arrow and select Print label.


I think that we should be un-gated in Health & Household, and Beauty & Personal care. A lot of can source these products faster and easier, plus if we go self fulfill it can get to the customer faster. and of course they would all have to be new items.


Why? So people can game the system during a time of crisis?


me too