Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


when will you offer free shipping back of excess inventory?


@Happy_General_Store Why should they ?


Some does drop to zero but some soar like there’s no more tomorrow. Yes, I’m talking about non-essential items.


CGV3 warehouse has been closed without notice!!!
My Logistics providers told me because one of the address of my shipment is CVG3, and they can’t make it into the warehouse.
I asked the Amazon Service on the help page, but they even didn’t it and haven’t come up with any suggestions.
We hope Amazon could take more care of us sellers.


No, they need buildings that are in good shape, up and running, with a CEO offering to help.
Bezos is making the offer, and willing to see it gets done.
Those abandoned warehouses you speak of, are in all sorts of dis-repair. The public would eat Trump alive if he went that route.


nightmare for us sellers who uses the FBA service.


What a mean spirited comment! Not everyone has the same business model or is at the same point of development. This sudden policy change is destructive to our family’s bottom line, but luckily we are able to do FBM.


I had a shipment I created and sent on Saturday, delivered today and it was rejected by Amazon so it seems they are not honoring the statement that shipments created prior to the announcement will be received.
They should refund the monthly seller fee because I’m almost out of stock and can’t replenish my inventory…


Are you sure? Or is it the problem with the delivery company?


The thing is, I did not click the “mark as shipped” button.


While we understand what Amazon is attempting to do and why, hasn’t Amazon de-listed all listings for masks, respirators, sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer?

These seem to be the basics of what people want / need right now.

Toilet tissue is also being panic purchased and Amazon has little to none available.

We are not yet convinced this move will actually benefit anyone.
It surely will hurt many and not just sellers.


I had a Feb 20th FBA shipment and one of the boxes went to ABE8 and just got closed. So about a month total.


Yup, this is what I am afraid of also. Also the amount of pending order. :sweat:

But that being said, I hope all FBA staffs in the warehouse are safe and healthy. :smiley:


It is almost totally wrong. Amazon is still shipping all items. They are simply not allowing non-essentials to be re-stocked. And you are violating copyright with that orange arrow that might make people think you are Amazon. You cannot use it.

And what the heck does “do not gauge the pricing” mean?


Lol, is this a trick question?


The notification was not hard to understand.


Well you need to suspended inventory metrics, I’ve sold out of all fast moving products weeks ago, could not get stock from China for weeks. Now I Finally got new shipments here I can’t send them to sell. In fact sales have almost stopped as We are only left with slow moving products. While Amazon is maximising your profits your closing others down.


But FBA listing is better than FBM listing.The selling is much better. Buyers prefer FBA


Hello I have sent plush toys 3 week ago and it arrived in 7 days. Past 2 week over it and not checked in yet by amazon. It can be about this issue?


i sell toilet paper rolls cant even send in inventory for that