Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


FBA is still shipping. Just slowly on “non-essential” items.


no it will not


like many thousands of Amazon suppliers we are having to switch from FBA to FBM-

does anyone know if we can use Amazon UPS shipping rates to fulfill via FBM?


This image is not correct. It only affects the inbound shipments into Amazon’s warehouses. It does not affect the items in the warehouses being shipped out. At least, by their explanation.


why not just sell from home for a while?


yes, until they RUN OUT of those items.


So we have been very happy that one of our product lines are essential items. We sell pump bottles and spray bottles, and with sanitation and disinfecting a priority, we have honestly been overwhelmed trying to keep these in stock.

Now however, a number of our bottles cannot be shipped to Amazon at all because they lost the category lottery. They are in Home category, and Amazon has blanket blocked the whole category. So we have spray bottles and pump bottles that people really need that we cannot ship in. These are items where we have had sales volume as much as 10x or more than usual.

If Amazon had based allowing items to be sold on actual sales velocity of the product for the last two weeks, they would actually get the right products, but at this point I’ve got really essential spray bottles which I can’t sell but if you are interested in shipping in anti-aging cream, well, you’re in luck – as “beauty” category is fully open.

In fact, you can ship in party supplies, since they are health and beauty.

But we can’t ship in glass pump bottles, because they are classified in “countertop soap dispensers” in home.
To give an example, I have a large pump bottle that pre-sold over 100 units and was only in stock “one” day at Amazon, and is now out of stock, and yet I cannot ship in more restock.

We also sell other containers that customers are finding very important for food and beverage storage for all that food they are stocking. Again, no go 'cause they are kitchen.

This is quite frustrating. As many of you have posted, they may have products that aren’t selling well right now and therefore as sellers aren’t stressed about restocking them, but these specific products we sell are actually items that people need to buy to use that are just unfortunately in the wrong category. And for many of these products, merchant fill isn’t a viable solution.

Frustrated Becky in Kentucky


DO NOT SHARE THIS IMAGE. Like the post from @just_us, it is false and inaccurate. It perpetuates the myth that people can’t get normal FBA products from Amazon.


It makes sense that the general public would misunderstand this. That is where Amazon royally screwed us. But why is this so hard for FBA sellers to understand?


For Some 3P Sellers such as myself, FBM isn’t really an option. As we run low and/or run out of stock, will Amazon adjust the algorithm so that we don’t lose too much ground in regards to BSR and placement in the catalog? As I have plenty of inventory to remain in stock, just not the ability to ship from my warehouse.


Yup we have some from the 8th and 9th that are still pending.


Yea we all know FBM is the real bread and butter of Amazon the way they never give out Prime eligibility. Everyone knows this is just about Amazon lining their pockets with having the most sought items for sale, has nothing to do with some sort of “ethical pursuit”. There is no reason for this and in April the amount of FBA shipments pending will make it seem like Christmas x 100.


Amazon mentioned they will make sure it doesn’t affect the score


Ohhh yeah! Already approved in SFP and staffed with a 7 person warehouse. About to blow all my competition outta the water! :slight_smile:


Thanks to that stupid decision we just increased our prices so the customers are impacted and we’re now selling more on Ebay and our website
Amother move that shows how Amazon is totally disconnected from its sellers


Thanks to that decision we just increased our prices so the customers are impacted and we’re now selling more on Ebay and our website
Amother move that shows how Amazon is totally disconnected from its sellers


The only easy day was yesterday.
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Why did you increase the prices ?


I own a warehouse in Kentucky. I am approved to seller fulfilled prime. Please reach out if people need 3PL services.


Make a different image so we can share the facts. I still want people to know they can still go to Amazon and to check Fulfilled By. I also did say suspended and later dates when I did my post on FB, But a factual image would be great and I will use it!


I have a warehouse in Kentucky and have space available to 3PL for you. I also am approved for seller fulfilled prime.