Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


I am usually, but not right now, when I have to be there. Traveling is fun, but not when things like this happen. :expressionless:


I have a similar question.

I had two shipping “plans” that still needed to be submitted for fulfillment center assignment.
I’m assuming those shipments are a wash and would advise you that this is the case if we don’t hear otherwise from more informed sellers.

I had another shipment that had already been assigned and split between two fulfillment centers on the 16th. I submitted a pack list for the first fulfillment center and have been successful in purchasing shipping labels. When I went to submit a pack list for the second fulfillment center I’m receiving an “internal error” message. Both of these shipments were already approved and split from the same parent shipping plan. Is anyone else having this problem?


You are right.
The IPI measures sales VS. inventory at FBA.
Beyond that, few months ago amazon changed how they calculate the IPI and spread it over longer period of time so it will have less affect on sellers with seasonal items.
So, the afect will be minimal if at all.


** First to complain, last to act.**

Amazon employees tell sellers to post their concerns on the forums. That is one of the reasons they are here. I do that.

When you say last to act, do you mean the 2 threads I put up on the forums to help sellers deal with the Used as New Complaints and the hundreds of hours I have spent free of charge helping sellers here?

Sales are up massively ? From sales number from China which are publicly known , you should be aware that even electronics are doomed to be at x2 , if you account for competitors being out of stock, you might even look at x4.

I do not have competitors on most items. Since you know so much about my operations, you should know this.

My sales are way way up, in large part because I sell educational items.

At the end of the day, you might think twice before saying you know what you’re doing, as you obviously don’t.

I do about $1M a year here. Must be by fluke.


This is exactly the reason why we have robust anti-trust laws, and why nobody–no matter how well connected–should be allowed to evade them. Amazon has aggressively pursued a virtual monopoly for well over a decade now, pushing one brick-and-mortar operation after another out of business (with the government’s blessing)–most notably in rural areas where entire local economies have been decimated. And the first time a major economic hurdle comes along, we find that literally one-half of the retail economy is in shambles and that there is precious little redundancy in the system to fall back on. This has to change, and I predict, WILL change–and dramatically.


That is my hope. Granted, this issue is a self caused one on our part, but we leverage our fast moving products to support our slower moving products when it comes to IPI scores. Not everything we sell on Amazon sells gangbusters. Some items sell maybe 1 unit a month and we try to keep at least a 6 months supply of products at Amazon (case quantity shipping for reduced costs).

I’m not overly worried about right now, we just shipped a truck load of fast moving product into AZ. My concern is if sales slow down because of COV and people not having money to spend on the types of products we sell (not necessity items) and the slow moving items stop selling completely and we run out of our fast moving product our IPI score is going to plummet very very fast…

We got very lucky that we just shipped a ton of product out last week and held off on another large order from our supplier because we were late in getting the last shipment out. If we would have gotten that last shipment out 2 days earlier we would have had a truck load of stuff show up to our door before we could ship it out to AZ.

Nonetheless, hope people were smart and not running on razor thin inventory .to maximise their IPI score. If anything this could be a wakeup call to AZ that the score is calculated to not absorb a 2-3 week loss of restocking. Maybe they will tweak the formula a bit to account for the mistake of too lean inventory planning.


The white house doesn’t think that far ahead. All coming from Jeffo.


I’m going to go out on a limb and float a somewhat educated hypothesis that Amazon has partnered with the federal government in a plan to temporarily nationalize the food distribution system and is clearing its warehouses in preparation for its infrastructure and IT-based distribution system to be used primarily for that purpose. This is just a guess on my part, but it’s a very logical conclusion based upon a single report, seemingly credible, that the federal government is preparing to implement an emergency federal food distribution system–at least in large cities. It’s a hypothesis worth considering, and I put it out there not because I have any special knowledge, but because Amazon sellers, whose livelihoods depend upon Amazon, deserve to have as much lead time as possible to make other plans.


Apparently you did not read my post (378) it should comfort you.


I was going to try that today. That’s disappointing. It must all be connected somehow with their shippping portion of the software.


I wish they would just say that FBS is still going on for non essential items. For the first time in a long time I did not have a single item sold yesterday. I guess people think that all items but medical/essential will not be shipped


I wish they would just say that FBS is still going on for non essential items. For the first time in a long time I did not have a single item sold yesterday.


Yup—that’s what I said in my post last night. Amazon says, “No new FBA shipments of non-essentials to our warehouses”, and the general public—they have no idea how FBA works—hears only “Amazon won’t ship your order for CDs or books or laser printers or Xbox”.

This could have been done so much better.

Article in the NYT this morning (reporting a new paper in Science ) suggests there’s 10x as many cases as actually reported; they’re not being reported because infected people aren’t all that sick. They meant this as a source of fear. But I take comfort: COVID is said to be 10x more deadly than the flu. But if the Case Fatality Rate is 1/10 what we thought (because there are 10x as many cases, and they’re not reporting because they’re not sick), then this really is basically just like the flu. Which means things WILL get better, and very soon.


Right? I think it is this panic buying.


Yes I just started having this problem when uploading spreadsheets for box information. It appears it still goes through if you select not to tell them what is in each box, so I am thinking it’s just a temporary error with the uploading process. I submitted a case so we’ll see.


I am trying to share on my Facebook and twitter to let people know small business on Amazon is STILL SHIPPING! Shame on Amazon for dropping the ball like this. Let people know that only FULFILLED BY AMAZON is not shipping


So true.
A man met the Angel of Death and asked him how many will die from the virus.
‘5,000’ he said.
The virus goes by and the death toll reaches 7,000,
‘You lied to me!’ he complaints. ‘You said 5,000 will die and there are 7,000 dead.’
‘5,000 died from the virus. The rest died from fear.’


We are a company specializing in medical products. Plan to upload products such as Forehead thermometer, thermometers, Safety goggle, and Protective Coverall. I’m not sure if this kind of product is currently available on Amazon, and we won’t sell it at the higher price as other sellers selling masks. We will sell at normal prices. I am really worried Amazon will block my account if I sell these product under the current epidemic virus. So, can someone tell me, can I sell these products normally on Amazon?


God bless you


You are absolutely incorrect, and I sure hope you’re not sharing this falsehood with your friends—that’s the myth that Amazon created unintentionally.

FBA is still shipping. All of it. We’re just not allowed to restock until April 5 (although that date will likely be extended).