Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Some of my items belong to Beauty,Household, but they have nothing to do with the COVID-19.( For example, wig, just an example) Can i ship these to Amazon warehouse? I can create shipment, but i worried these items are not what Amazon 's “prioritizing products”. Amazon may refuse to accept even i ship out?


I don’t have anything from Amazon. they ignored me. Hmmm… may be my product IS essential? LOL


Just another reason why the “both parents working” model, doesn’t work.
American greed…

Ask any child:
"Would you rather have that new bike, or that big swingset in the yard, or mommy/daddy at home? " They’ll pick mommy and daddy every time.


Nice troll comment you got there. Too bad the smart folks here will not engage you.

Try reddit for this level of comments. Plenty of keyboard warriors there.


This brings more understanding. Where did you find out this information? Or are you just considering this to be what is happening?


Be so was calling the White House daily for unknown reasons. There is definitely a lot more going on than people know. We know Walmart, Target, cVS, and other company’s are involved but what’s with the secret be is meetings that’s not be talked about?

I don’t think the AZ warehouse would be turned into medics units. Trumps announced today pop units provided by the military would be the back up but it’s definitely an option.

I would imagine bezos is shooting for getting all the government masks, respirators, etc… to be sent to AZ and AZ would deliver them in so sick people don’t have to go out and get them from the stores or doctors.

This would explain why they would need more space and therefore we cannot send out stuff in.

I don’t think they would risk contaminating hundreds of thousands f products by making an AZ warehouse a medical unit.




Are we going to be refunded the rest of the years sellers subscriptions to make up for the losses you are going to incur on sellers unable to restock items for this period? Jeff pulled 4 billion in stock this year right?


They have it here https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/GF37V7QBB8WSVF43?ref=nslp_at_4179343325024604288_nslnk_1_GF37V7QBB8WSVF43

I believe my product is a household staple and/or a medical supply, but I am not able to create a shipment. What should I do?

We determine if a product is a household staple, a medical supply, or both based upon the listing. At this time we are not accepting requests to re-classify listings.

Good luck


I can only imagine what April 6th will look like. Good luck receiving all that inventory.


I thought about it… terrible idea.
Fine if the warehouses were empty and there were no plans to use them again in the near future.
But to willingly introduce the virus into your workplace is bad enough, and even if they were emptied you would need to decontaminate it afterwards, and then there is no guarantee that people won’t be reluctant to order products from contaminated warehouses even if they say they cleaned it.


You could still print individual FBA FNSKU labels and prep your product. Just go to FBA Inventory and select Print Labels from the right hand menu for each item. I made it a point to save most of my frequently sold items as a PDF file so I can print anytime I want to and prep products in advance.

I did see someone post that they couldn’t access the Inventory page - but that doesn’t make sense. You should still be able to edit / manage your inventory even if you can’t ship any.


Then have to goes by FBM if product out of stock


Closed Kmarts, Sears, Toys R Us, etc buildings would probably be a better option.


Regarding IPI:

According to Amazon, In-stock rate does not have a direct impact on IPI. So simply not sending the stock should not lower your IPI.

What could hurt your IPI is the drop in sales from not having inventory. But there will also be a corresponding drop in inventory units. So I’m guessing most sellers that aren’t already on the edge of IPI issues will be okay.


Do the kitchen knives are the household staples ?Can it temporarily prioritizing coming into the fulfillment centers?


I thought “staples” means food. But I could be wrong. Just try it if you can, then ship.


I’m thinking this is coming from the white house because of all the panic buying causing product shortages. It’s the end of the world as we know it. Lalala


Daily payments would help tremendously to weather the storm.


I get it. Facebook is giving all its employees $1,000. So what can one of the richest companies in the world with the richest man in the world leading it do for us? Maybe send us some money to help us pull through? I know, I know… we are 1099 contractors. However, I’ve been seeing all those commercials you put out about how you care about small business and how if people order from Amazon they are ordering from small businesses because “more than half” of your sellers are small businesses. Here’s where the rubber meets the road, Amazon. Stop using us for a photo op if we don’t mean anything to you. Just sayin’