Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Thanks Papy,

We have some units waiting for Amazon to process … some have been there 2 weeks and we aren’t in the corona categories … Any idea what happens if we switch to FBM while our FBA shipments are still being received/deliverd/processeD?


Everyone is out of step but you. Everyone is DUMB except you. Come back and talk to us about hype in two weeks. The proof is in the pudding.


It will not matter. Sell FBA until you are out of stock and then switch to FBM. Your inventory at Amazon is not effected. You can switch back and forth at will and your inventory at Amazon will not be orphaned or effected in any way.


will long term and other storage fee’s be waived during this time as well?


Every bricks and mortar retailer and manufacturer of consumer products is doing the exact same thing. Prioritizing production and shipping. I’m involved with several grocery companies selling to Walmart. They are getting the calls every day. Produce top selling items that are critical, delay production on secondary and non-critical items that cause delays in production. Before this issue, shipments went to stores weekly, sometimes twice a week. Now they are running to all stores daily. This is a setback, but has nothing to do with Amazon’s profits, they are trying to support essential items for the public and medical fields.


The health and safety of the public is clearly the right priority. That said, the continued success of many small businesses selling on Amazon is heavily reliant on the Amazon Prime badge as it conveys to customers a sense of confidence and a superior buying experience. As a support to sellers, it would be extremely beneficial to sellers and Amazon customers to have the Seller Fulfilled Prime program extended to those currently not in the program. This would enable Amazon Fulfillment to continue to prioritize the Household and Medical priorities AND enable other business categories to continue to be successful. Please take this into consideration.

Thank you.


Awesome, didn’t know that!

Yes we have some inventory on hand, unfortunately we ran out of inventory in early Feb and only recently started getting our shipments. Our products do need some configuration and a bit of prep before heading to Amazon, so we do have a some here.

We have an Amazon’s choice badge for one of our products, do you know if those stick with you if you move to FBM?

Thanks for the help!

And congrats to everyone in the Corona categories, hopefully you guys make some real money during this volatile time!


The products I carry don’t sell anyway. Haven’t been replenishing for 4 days in a row.


Will out of stock products in my FBA inventory still affect my my “Inventory Performance Index”?


This is a great way to hurt hundreds of thousands of business, millions of people amid a global pandemic which is already hurting them. Amazon, what are you thinking?


Good-luck to all FBA sellers. This is why we self-fulfill orders.


I’ve tested about 10 minutes ago and guess what… the low stock items let me process the FBA labels and the ones that were stocked as usual enough to cover a month won’t let me replenish so try going with the low stock items first and see if that works since it did for me. This limitation is real :frowning:


Great point on the IPI score. Honestly, when this crisis is all said and done, Amazon should allow unlimited storage for the rest of the year to make up for this madness.


Lawsuit for what?? This would fall under Force Majeure / Act of God.


Omg so what will happen with our Amazon loans if we can’t pay it because we sell allot through fba?!?!


What are you FBM sellers going to do when UPS, USPS, and FedEx shut down except for medical supplies. Amazon has its own vehicles for FBA.


It’s their decision to prioritize certain products. I assume its a business decision to increase their profit, not because they care about customers


This was quite an expected development to anyone watching the increasing delays in Prime deliveries. As a customer, I have noticed a steady creep out in expected delivery.
We sell FBM against a number of FBA only merchants and sales have been through the roof. All of their FBA stock is shuttling slowly between warehouses or stuck in processing.
Also getting sales on items where we have never been price competitive with FBA sellers.
We run a mix of FBA and FBM. My biggest issue is reordering packing supplies, Amazon takes a week to get out things that used to be next day. I’d rather they concentrate on just what they are talking about here. Some locales don’t have access to everyday items as simple as bar soap right now. The baubbles and bangles can wait.


well, I’m going thru my SKU’s and adding 1 dollar to everything right now… if FBA is toast my margins will have to increase as sales slow or everyone will be laid off before april 1 st


We’ve learned our lesson here do you believe they are going to do something about the Loan :slight_smile:?