Tax collection for orders shipped to Georgia and Alaska – Effective April 1, 2020


Based on changes to Georgia State and some Alaska local jurisdiction tax laws, Amazon will begin calculating, collecting, and remitting (as the marketplace facilitator) sales and use tax for all orders shipped to customers in Georgia and participating Alaska jurisdictions on April 1, 2020.

Your existing tax calculation settings, order details, and payments reporting will update automatically to reflect this change. Changes to your tax settings or seller account are not required based on Georgia state law changes. Your Alaska tax settings will update with state specific information, and a separate communication for sellers currently using tax calculation services in Alaska will be sent.

Answers to common questions are available in the Marketplace Tax Collection FAQ. However, you may consider working with your tax advisor to determine if your business has any other ongoing tax remittance or reporting obligations.

For more information from Amazon or links to individual state resources, see Marketplace Tax Collection FAQ.


This is great! I am so happy sales tax is no longer evaded by the Amazon Marketplace! This is going to give back to states what they deserve based on local jurisdictions. The e-commerce sales tax system is not and may never be perfect but it is good when an entity as large as Amazon begins being part of the state tax revenue! 40% of all e-commerce sales now will be given proper sales tax this is so much money.

I remember just two years ago when this was beginning to pick up steam and states wanted to keep going after just the seller on Amazon. I am very pleased how this has all been resolved.

Good news in bad times…


I completely agree with you! With the added memory of how hard it was previously as the individual seller to learn what taxes needed to be paid for which sales to different states. It was way too much to keep up with.

This is honestly the best time to be in business as well. Just think, what are all those people doing at home during the quarantine? They are online, maybe shopping on Amazon, maybe bored on facebook or searching Google and waiting to see your potential ads.


Anyone have a list of the remaining states still outstanding please?