Tackle return reasons with updated Voice of the Customer page


We have only 1 single item that is very poor; which I’m grateful for.

But of the 3 VOC’s for this one FBA item; zero of which of the VOC’s are 100% true or accurate. Yet they still exist.
VOC’s to us; is just another way for the customer to present info to amazon about their FBA return that is construed in their favor. Which we do understand; 100% customer concentric. Customer do this so they can 100% refund and no ding to their buyer account for buyer remorse.

To us; buyers also take advantage of this VOC; again to better their remorse claim.

For FBM sellers and FBAs sellers; buyers should (but don’t), read, look at photos and then look again to make sure their purchase is what they’re expecting. Otherwise they contact seller should they be presented with erroneous information; if they have questions simply contact seller. “Contact Seller for more info” button in LARGE print should be visible on the detail page. Please note: *This is sooooooooooo important and not readily available to buyers should they have second thought about their purchase. We as in (US sellers) are available to assist them when they need it. Why not provide them the option to get on contact with us about an item they wish to purchase or have questions about. All of the VOC’s could be potentially avoided in full; if the buyers had easy and readily available choices to contact the seller.


Totally agreed, seller even can’t have a understanding which order has the problem if there is complaint on Voice, for those are relateing to FBA, if there is shipping issue, seller can’t do nothing.


I agree with most here that this is useless. I have had customers say that the “description is incorrect” and when following up, they then admit that they just didn’t want the item. They select this option, because they believe they will get shipping back for free - which they get anyways.

I have been threatened with account closer on Amazon.ca because I have “defect” rate over 1% - which is idiotic, because I sell abut 10 items a year there and customers just order with no thought that the postage for me is $11 an item there and $11 back. I loose $22 on an item that costed $25. I am thinking to just close my Canada store because the free returns and this idiotic reasons.

If the customer ticks “wrong description” or “defective” then the Amazon system should force them to say what is wrong - otherwise it is useless.


“Read it”


This feature really isn’t useful for Amazon sellers at all. I have had my listing closed 2 times now because of this feature. Customers give any reason they want in order to get a free return. Their reason is usually always damaging to the seller and it’s subjective. As an Amazon seller I am beyond frustrated that Amazon will give customers this level of power.


What’s frustrating is I get the customer is generally always right and we should take care of the customer. But, Amazon makes it to easy allowing the customer to select defective or item not as described. In most cases I find that the box was opened, but the product was never removed. They buy my stuff to view and then buy a multi pack from another vendor. They select defective place a butt load of stickers and send back to me. I find that 99.9% of the items matched the description and are in no means defective. In order to be defective that would mean you need to wire it up or things need to be broken. Why can’t we receive the item open it up and bill the customer for falsely claiming or products defective and bill them for all of the shipping. Like I said I get the customer is always right, but accountability also needs to be in place and Amazon should also protect their sellers. Has anyone ever emailed Jeff? My wife works for Amazon and she says their is a team that reads his emails and all emails do get read when escalated or they go to a team to look into making this a better experience for ALL sellers as we are also customers.


Just had a look at ours - 50% of the listings in the report are deleted!! What is the point - another waste of time!


These options only give the SCAM BUYERS more “lying” options, to take advantage of the sellers and the Amazon return/refund policy. Thanks Amazon


There are many customers who don’t look at the parameter description carefully. What if the customer’s voice is wrong? How can we correct it?


While I like the compilation of data for easy review of customer comments on a SKU/ASIN level, it is extremely skewed against sellers; and further, is being used against sellers to directly impact our businesses by removing listings and banning ASINs:

  • For those of us in soft-goods (apparel, shoes, etc), VOC is absolutely worthless and detrimental to our business. Customer comments of “little too long”, “reordered size large thanks”, etc. does NOT mean the product is defective or the listing is wrong. Free returns = bogus return reasons. Our listings should not be at risk of removal simply because a certain color/size has above average return requests.

  • The recent increase in removal of ASINs due to “Used Sold As New” has to be correlated with the VOC activity. When we research these removed ASINs, nearly every single one was ONE customer amidst hundreds of good orders who had a 50/50 valid/invalid reason for the complaint. We treat every customer with respect and attempt to make the sales/return process as great as possible, but it is so easy for customers to game the system already for refunds or free products - this program simply hurts the good sellers even further.

I could give another hundred examples of insane situations I have noticed over the past couple weeks. TLDR: The VOC inaccurately inflates true defect rates and is directly damaging good seller accounts.


Yeah, now they try to enforce lowest price by having “pricing health” check other sites rates and not feature your offer if it’s higher than their competing sites–not taking into consideration other sites may not offer free shipping, have lower fees or may be selling clear out inventory (one of my current price health issue is on such a listing–an ebay seller is going out of business and has all his stuff listed at his cost to try and clear it out–Amazon has a pricing health issue on it because his clear out price is lower than my current price.)


Are you aware if they’ll do this automatically in these situations or was it because you called and pressed them? Thanks


Looking at this report I can see my biggest problem is Amazon doesn’t know how to receive product correctly and ships customers the wrong item as a result. Receives Magic 2019 Boxes as 2020, Labels opened boxes as brand new sealed (and a different type!) It’s not like AMZ will take responsibility for those though.

“This offer may be closed soon due to negative customer experiences. Please review your recent NCX feedback below and take action to improve this product or listing. Learn about actions you can take.”

Should i send detailed instructions next time? How about diagrams, will that work?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Voice of the Customer tool. We are actively working on Voice of the Customer and gathering feedback here (the Forums) as well as through the on-page “Feedback” widget and Seller interviews. We understand that many Sellers have questions or concerns about the return reasons provided by buyers, so we’re exploring ways that we can continue to improve the accuracy of information provided to Sellers on Voice of the Customer. We’re working hard on this - stay tuned!


This is what separates Amazon from any other online marketplaces. Amazon spoils its customers and lets them get away when they lie about their returns. The customers, on the other hand, are loving it that’s the mere reason they stay loyal and would prefer Amazon over other marketplaces. No matter how bad it sounds, we sellers still get the most benefit from this tactic. Because once they start enforcing strict return policies, they will start losing avid customers.

It’s bad for America, but I say it’s a well-thought-of and effective business strategy.


No reviews allowed for any product returned for any reason is a start.


I too am getting customers purposefully taking advantage of the return process to get free returns, I have shipped brand new children’s books, packaged well and the customer marks return reason was received broken item, and Amazon gives them full credit and credits them return cost that is 3 times my shipping cost. I receive the 10 page book back pristine with no smears from color printer.

It seems that as a Toy sellers I get these fradulent customer claims right before Holiday sales when you have a very good rating and they threaten to ruin your feedback if you refuse to stoop over,

The other claim I received recently the item was delivered by the post office via Free Priority Mail, customer said it was not received. I had post office investigate and they verified that package was indeed delivered upstairs to apartment over The Vitamin Shoppe, but guess what the new coveted toy
that was delivered I had to credit. I have had this happen a few months before the holidays every year for the last 4 years, not issuing credit is a detriment to your feedback rating it happens no other time of the year for me, in the future I will request signature confirmations for shipments to this particular coast September through December. I get at least 3 of these each year before the holidays.


I couldn’t have agreed with you more. Every single word of it is valid with us as well. In addition to the removal of listings due to “USED SOLD AS NEW” , seller performance doesn’t reply to our POA’s. We don’t understand the logic behind this. ( It has been 4 months since one of our variations -a certain color/size-got deactivated) @DannyS


There is also the issues with customers returning items that OOOPS! they ordered by mistake or just don’t want it any more.


Voice of the customer is hurting sellers! Can someone from the executive team see this? It does not factor customers who are looking to get a freebie.