Tackle return reasons with updated Voice of the Customer page


Well, I would rather not do business with them. Freight-forwarders to dubious countries (Russia, Eastern Europe), they’re OK. Love the freight forwarders. They can use their profits to bribe the customs officials…

But dropshippers, inventory scrapers are another matter entirely. Once upon a time, there was an outfit in Texas, who had the cheek to call themselves ExtremelyReliable. Well, their address (on Abe) was in Texas, but actually the books would be sent to Pennsylvania, which, of course, has no sales tax… You get the idea.

Problem is, this outfit, with its millions of books listed as Brand New, wasn’t ExtremelyReliable and had to change its name.

Errr. What was it?

Er. God. Can’t remember.

Er God e, I forget the name of this BOOK outfit, but they’re still around.

It might have been Ergodebooks, come to think of it. Roughly 8 million books.

These outfits and other ones like them are a stinking pile of crap.


Yes, one of the more annoying things about Amazon. Reminds me of the “Pax” comment a couple weeks ago.

When things go off the rails, their first response is to advise the seller to make improvements from their end instead of actually grasping the fact that maybe, just maybe, something bad has happened because of the customer.

I see that Danny has responded to this thread, but, bless his heart, his enthusiastic comments make it sound like Amazon is just now learning of the myriad problems that can be laid at the feet of unscrupulous buyers.

These seller frustrations are discussed here on the forums all day, every day!


Hi there…all i can say here is AA stands for Amazing Amazon…:confused: I plan to sell Christmas ornaments Q 4. I guess they will all come back to me in January under no longer needed.
I guess I better think twice…lol


I sell personalized Christmas ornaments. You won’t have this issue.


Actually, it’s not very funny. It is a significant part of why I stopped doing FBA. That and the returns of junk that were not even the same items that were sold. And the fees for returns. And the inability of Amazon receiving to accurately count what was in the box when I shipped to a fulfillment center.


Another project championed by an empty suit.

No one will be more informed than before. In fact, the danger is that this will provide ammunition for accusations against sellers that will accumulate and eventually result in sanctions. Many returns are due to whims or misunderstandings of the buyer. They are being encouraged (required) to Voice nonsense.


Those SFP shipping costs are a you problem, not an Amazon problem. Sounds like FBA would be a better option for that small, $399 product.


I agree 100% it is common in most categories. I am lucky to sell in Health and Personal Care and low value toys so most buyers are surprisingly honest with the reason.


I really appreciate the new format. It really helps. But how does Amazon intend to deal with issues that so clearly are FBA/Warehouse issues. Say for example, two items that I recently viewed on mine:

(a) A bubble wrapped glass item shipped to the customer in a bag, not a box. Shipping services usually throw bags around.
(b) Incorrect items being shipped to the customer.

Those are costly mistakes that I am sure can be reduced with checks and balances on the warehouse side.


I have found out there is a new reason to return something “I need 25% off at Kohl’s” so if you return something to Amazon by dropping if off at Kohl’s you get a coupon from Kohl’s for 25% off. So you want something at Kohl’s, order something prime and return it so you can get a coupon. I am sure people are doing this.


Hah, dont even get ME started on this one. I contacted a seller on another venue which was selling a counter top washing machine as NEW. In the descriptions she put that it was used ONLY twice and was selling it at full price. When I called her out on this, asking how is something NEW, when you clearly said it was used twice? Her response…well, its in new condition and I put it back in its box.

I am not sure about anyone else, but I have bought brand new things before and after 2 uses, had the product die on me. But I guess selling something as new, when clearly is used, is the new norm for new now a days.


The “horse is out of the barn” isn’t a justification to add to it and make the problem worse. As the dominate player in the industry they could work to make online returns a fair environment for buyers and sellers. They are shaping the future. There is no reason to defend them considering they even keep their 15% commission on returns. There is no skin in the game and they actually make money on the returns by residuals from the shipping companies.


You sent the wrong item–it was FBA. You sent a bottle of apple cider vinegar instead of my Apples Metal Sign. Really? How does this even happen?


ditto. Our products are guaranteed for life. If its broke, ship it back and get a replacement NOT a refund if after 30 days. Yet in 4 years we have NEVER had a return on them…however we seem to get returns on them through Amazon (only) as always defective or not matching website…yet somehow when we get the item back in the mail to us, its has magically fixed itself. Gotta love the postal system. Sometimes they may break your goods…but other times they fix them!


Really – they are wasting more time and resources on something like this?? This seems flawed, can be biased based on the complaint reason and the agenda of the buyer - not to mention those that don’t know how to work items or read directions first. Not sure how this is even calculated as all the products they had listed for us fell under either good (majority) or excellent for every product.

  • Fix all the “dog pages” – google still takes customers to them and not even sure what we have that can’t be seen
  • Get some staff to work with/for sellers – that are reachable.
  • Get Susan some help here on the forums
  • Teach buyer customer support how to look into an order before contacting us or even worse opening and A to Z claim to apease the customer "Don’t worry they tell them)…or if they feel the need to keep the outsourced programmers busy – develop flow charts that staff must use before taking/doing an action (that may cause unwarranted or unnecessary trouble for us sellers or go against policy).

A sample of one or two complaints for an item if you sell hundreds of that item may be meaningless (as we know some customers complain for the sake of complaining …called “defective” because they made a mistake and want to avoid paying for return shipping…or lately because they want (or hoping to get) something for free “I want a refund!”

if we get a complaint, we look into the issue or the product lot (example ink) – if it’s electronics, we realize DOA happens and monitor complaints and returns…on our own

I just clicked on the “Voice of the Consumer” for our listings and just said out loud “Why?!”
Sorry for venting


100% agreement!


Not to be ugly, but can we have a “voice of the seller” page? There are changes that take place on Amazon that hinder my business. Right now it’s the change to the SFP. I will have to cancel my SFP during the Christmas shopping season, because there’s no way to process an order for a customized product and have it shipped in less than two hours.

I agree with many of the comments on this thread. We personalize our items per the customers instruction. I have gotten returns that it was bought by mistake (they have to fill out a form), found it cheaper elsewhere (odd, since I am the only one that sells my products), and wrong item received (usually on the heels of an near identical order with a slightly different spelling).


The system assumes that buyers are honest and/or accurate in giving reasons for returns. It is rare for a buyer to admit the true reason.


I looked this feature over and found it basically useless. Our volume per sku is low. But more to the point, Amazon measures what it can easily measure and substitutes that for a valid measurement.

For example, one customer comment stated that the listing for a game stated it had a mounted board. That game does not state anywhere it has a mounted board. The other half of the customer’s comment basically implied that they wanted more (like a mounted board) for the price paid. We of course have no control over the editorial content of a game. And in this instance, we are bound by MAP restrictions as well. So just what does this ding tell us? Nothing. It just wastes more time.


This feature is so flawed as to be useless. It presumes that buyers are accurate and truthful in giving reasons for returning items. Most of my returns are caused by the fact that the buyers did not read important warnings on the product description page. But rather than pick “ordered by mistake,” they chose as a return reason “Inaccurate website description,” “defective item,” or “wrong item was sent,” either because they are afraid that they will not get a full refund if they admit that it was there fault, or because they just don’t want to admit that they were wrong.
In addition, there are others who buy information from pages on which Amazon, in the process of re-formatting the product description pages to appear on cel phones or tables, has omitted important warning information. I have been trying for months to get Amazon to fix this, but of course with no success.