Tackle return reasons with updated Voice of the Customer page


I have asked that all returns be returned to me so I can make sure they are ok before being sent out. But they will not do it.


I believe its under Amazon terms that Amazon listed items shall be the lowest price and on many listings, there is a click field buyers are provided to inform Amazon of a lower listed item on the same sku or upc.

I don’t know what other sellers do or don’t do, or if these Terms are still enforced.

Amazon policy prohibits lower pricing on other marketplaces


We appreciate that Amazon took the time to create this tool, however in most cases it has been useless. We have repeatedly given feedback on this feature asking for additional seller options to respond to cases, but so far all we have is “edit listing” and “remove/dispose of inventory”, which do not resolve 95% of the issues presented.

To make this feature useful, feedback needs to include options such as:

  1. Seller Support Case already opened (provide case number)
  2. Contact Seller Support (open case)
  3. Listing verified as accurate - no update needed

Sellers need to be able to resolve the issues presented. Merely presenting them is not helping anyone.



Amazon scrapped the low price requirement, because they probably thought they were going to get into trouble with federal regulators.


in the situations like I contacted the support. Their response was "wait, if the customer will not return the order within 30 (or 60 days - don’t remember), we will credit your account. I waited and got the credit after promised date


The voice of the customer is useless in my opinion.

One SKU has a NCX rate of 6.25% and a fair CX Health.
Because of an order (about 1 year ago) where the buyer stated: “I did not receive the item”.
This was an FBA order.

And I will agree with many posters that most buyers will choose a reason that gets them free return shipping rather than providing the true reason.
One of those has also caused a suspension for me.

It would be great if the appropriate team at Amazon would realize that Amazon’s return friendliness and processing as well as customer opt out of seller emails is making it impossible for a tool like the VOC to be any useful.

Another problem is, like others have mentioned, the FBA failures that cause the return in the first place:

  • order not received
  • shipping address undeliverable (when Amazon logistics tries to deliver to a completely wrong address or cannot read obvious street/apt number signs)
  • not received by promised delivery date
  • item damaged in transit
  • item lost in transit
  • item not as described (because FBA labeled them wrong)
  • used sold as new (because FBA put an unsellable return into sellable inventory)

If those returns are part of the voice of the customer, how can it be representative?

Which also begs the question (again) why sellers are getting charged for FBA not doing the job they are paid for?
FBA failures should be compensated by Amazon.


@Egbert_s_Treasures Each user of the account needs to be granted the correct level of access to the Voice of the Customer dashboard. To do this the Admin will need to go into Settings -> User Permissions -> Select the appropriate account and click Manager Permissions -> Voice of the Customer is last on the list -> click the radial button for the correct permission level.

For more information, see our Voice of the Customer help page, http://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/GRTPNYUAU5EQ9RGU


I bet you only got the credit for the units but not for the amount you paid them to do the job right and deliver within the delivery window.


Wow! This is the type of feedback that empowers us to improve our Voice of the Customer experience. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their perspective. The team has read every response - and plans to read more if they keep coming.

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I suspect our competitors are behind many of our returns for refund.


Thank you Danny and the team. I do like Voice of the Customer, really do, yet it only lets me know what I already know.

We care to improve any and all aspects and alleviate any possible misconceptions. A+ Listings is a tool that can hopefully solve those problems, allowing sellers to edit content that is in the Amazon Catalog, additional photos, specific issues, guidance, video, limitations/ exclusions, as well as warranty, misuse.

Please stop the Book Rental returns

Please select the best buyers, and shed those non ideal buyers to other sites.
Every seller here wants to continue to be the Best Seller Worldwide and equally have the greatest buyers even if they do not voice their satisfaction.


Thank you so much Danny, I really appreciate the response, and I look forward to gaining access. Telling my bosses now! : ) Appreciated!


I noticed that mine was wrong too. One seasonal semi popular thing… showed that I had 4 sales when I had something like 40 or 60 sales… and something like 2 returns. It might be a helpful tool if it actually worked.


I think Amazon should put an easy button to push where we can flag returns that we believe are by abusive buyers… sure you would have abusive sellers hitting that button but if a buyer gets enough clicks on that button by multiple/different sellers… I think it would help alert Amazon to investigate that buyer.


Yeh, the last three things I bought from Lowes were damaged when I took them out of the package and were obviously damaged by customers and returned and put back on the shelf.


This only would have value if the reasons reported were correct.
But, as they say in programming, GIGO. (Garbage In Garbage Out)
A large percentage of our returns show the reason of “defective”. Yet when the customer gives an explanation, almost every one says “did not fit”, “did not like color”, “found a better price”. In other words, these are NOT defective items. Yet if the dashboard says that they are, how helpful is this to us?
Likewise, the not as described reason. Drill down to the customer remarks, and we see pretty much the same things mentioned - fit, color, etc. Again, no help to us.
The major error that Amazon made when they created this page was assuming that customers choose the correct reason when returning items - either by choice, error, or because the reasons shown don’t meet the circumstances. (I had one of those recently - the error was from the SITE, not anything the seller did, yet the only applicable reasons faulted the sellers). The bottom line is, RARELY is the correct reason given. Therefore, what value does this page have for us, if it tells us about problems that don’t actually exist? And worse, if it gives the performance team a way to come after us when we’ve actually been doing a great job?!?!


Has happen to us so many times its become a joke at the store. Every time we get a return on a vcr its a switched unit and amazon just tells us over and over again its part of doing business. We had one buyer do this on 6 units at once same model over $1700 gross. They sent us back different broken models. We had to get the law involved and even then took a month for amazon to reimburse us.


I love drop shippers we get a few a week but the bad ones are horrible and we caught a few doing exactly that selling items of ours that are used as new.


Please bring back the notifications of ASIN changes. We used to be able to go to a page to see all the ASIN changes that were made to ones we listed on. This was a very helpful tool as it allowed us to catch incorrect changes to items.


If Amazon agrees with the customer… that what they ordered is “Not as described” “Used sold as New” or “Different from website description” why in the world would they put it back to inventory and resell it as new?