Tackle return reasons with updated Voice of the Customer page


One of the reasons we sell only mediocre, cheap quality books on Az is the return policy. This is true for eBaY as well. The real sites for selling books follow whatever policy I set, so NO RETURNS means no returns.


Just about all of our returns are made under false pretenses anyway. Customers lie to get their way. Every day, all day long. This data is useless to us.


Dear Amazon_News – perhaps this line should state “this information MAY or MAY NOT help you”

Seller Central and our records show a total of 64 orders processed – last one in 2018.
Voice of the Customer is showing:

Take action to improve your product or listing (optional)
Recent NCX feedback: No recent customer comments are available for this listing. We still display the NCX rate to help you understand how many customers have contacted Amazon to report a product or listing issue on the most recent orders.

So - 2 returns
1 - due to customer remorse (or one due to customer actually admitting they ordered the wrong item)
1 - refunded in total for whatever…reason not noted.

PLEASE NOTE the dating on these. 2018 were the latest orders we fulfilled and August 2018 was the last time we had a return on one of these. Why is Amazon only showing a total of 39 orders when our Seller Central account is showing we’ve had 64 orders? Why is the Customer Remorse return considered a black mark on us?

Lastly – where is the magic 180 day window for removing these from our account?

Just curious.


I give up. All my listings show “GOOD” (Including those that got 5 reviews from customers) and have the same boilerplate comment -“Edit your listing to make sure it meets Amazon’s listing standards, including but not limited to image requirements, brand information, and complete product information.”. Since I sell used books and very rarely have more than 1 copy, why is this anything but spam?


#1 is fair. When we sell out, we delete the MSKU so if we get a return, it will go inactive and we can recall/return.

#2 is partly Amazon, partly on you. The first time was on AZ, but if you are getting continued complaints, you should have started boxing before they shut you down. You need to be able to pivot.

#3 is party on you, too. You should gate your brand if it is your private label brand. No need for anyone else to do. Yes, it costs $$. But in the end, it should make you much more $$, too.


I fail to see how this helps when the vast majority of people who return for “defective” or even “wrong item sent” are doing so because it gets them free return shipping. You want to reduce returns? Great! Learn what brick and mortar and small businesses did long ago: customers can and do lie, and do so frequently. Stop assuming “defective” actually means “defective”. Amazons return policy is ripe for abuse. Over 90% of returns are done by less than 5% of shoppers forcing prices up on the other 95% who return responsibly and when appropriate, these customers greatly harm any statistics this feature tracks as most returns aren’t legitimate.


Yeah, I bet the majority of returns are due to people not reading the description or looking at other pictures, or simply changing their mind. Or not bothering to use a ruler. And worse yet lately it’s been because they use the “people also bought”, provided by amazon, and blame MY product description.

Some of my favorites;
Buyer: not as described, they should be called TINY, these are too small to use on anything. Title: Mini candy stickers 0.75" (with a pictures of it on hershey kisses, but based on buyers now includes the word tiny)
Buyer: Doesn’t fit 1 oz sanitizer as described. Description: fits 1oz bath and body works pocketbac. Also bought: regular 1 oz sanitizers.
Buyer: product defective, reason: doesn’t fit (and I didn’t measure)
Buyer: stickers are not as described, they’re too large. Description: 2" stickers (with photo of hand holding it) – The very next buyer says defective, too small.
Buyer: not as described these are white, NOT silver. Title/description: white (granted not as white as the required white background)


Voice of the Customer is trash is something we shouldn’t be graded on.

This is just another useless metric that we have no say and can’t fight in possible way. Talk about being one sided.

What’s wrong with the product?
Amazon FBA sent me shirt when I ordered a vibrator

What’s wrong with the product?
Nothing just didn’t want it anymore

What’s wrong with the product?
Insert any possible reason cause Amazon doesn’t care

Love how we can’t address any of the complaints.


Agree 100%. If they can’t meet their own fulfillment promise they need to fund the refund. Especially when everything comes back customer damaged.


So when are we getting a voice of the seller? A ranking system for buyers that shows up on their buyer profile that lets other buyers know how seriously to take their feedback based on their rating. Pipe dreams I know.


#1. No idea what you mean here. I have requested that NO returned items be sent out as new. Their policy states that any “New” item needs to be in NEW condition. They have accepted returns missing parts, instructions. They have accepted damaged units and just turned them right back around and sent them to the next customer. This violates their own policy.

#2 This is absolutely not on me. Fulfilled by Amazon means that I pay Amazon to safely and securely ship our products. Yes, they are in our product boxes, but amazon is sending these items out in shipping envelopes instead of boxes. When I complained and showed evidence of sup bar shipping, they conducted a DROP TEST on our boxes…which concluded that they DO, in fact, need to ship out in BOXES, not envelopes. So they went back to boxes… for a week. Now they are back to envelopes and we are getting plenty of damage reports. Amazon has informed us that THEY are solely responsible for how they ship our items. It’s not up to us. They also followed up with a rude letter stating they do not change their shipping procedure based on anecdotes. I guess the customer complaint emails and photos of smashed products didn’t count as proof. We got an email from an angry customer this weekend who called US idiots for shipping a telescope in a partially opened tyvek envelope. Yes product inside was damaged. They returned it for a full refund. My guess is it’s on its way out to another customer as NEW.

#3 I have constantly requested gating by Amazon. They have told me they have taken it under consideration. When I ask for real information on gating, I get nothing. Everyone mentions gating, but no one seems to know how to to this. If you have any information, please share it. Tell me who to contact and how to make it happen. Seller support knows nothing about this, nor does brand registry.


One return for full refund would cost me no less than all profit I make from five orders for the same item.


Customer comments and return reasons are for the most part a JOKE as indicated in numerous posts. Agreed that customer service needs to be top notch but we’re often well into the territory of vendor abuse not customer service. Warning to Amazon: Vendors (that will be around for a while) are not that stupid - if this is how you want to do business we factor this “cost of doing business on Amazon” into the selling price. Beware - this may hurt you sooner rather than later…


WW_textbooks, I couldn’t of written it any better myself. We sell replacement parts. I can’t tell you how many times a Buyer returns the part they replaced; claims we sent a defective part; and demands full credit. Even worse when it’s FBA, then we have to pay Amazon to ship the old item back to us, so we can inspect it, so we can find out we were just robbed. Amazon can care less, credit issued no matter what documentation we have.


Voice of the customer …

This is a useless feature, which in reality doesn’t tell us anything about our products, but it gives us so many reasons to stop selling them on your platform to avoid losing money and products.

How about Voice of the seller, too?

Read the forums for God sake …

When will you be listening to us, sellers?



You hit the nail on the head, or as @Dogtamer enjoys spurting out, “Nail meet hammer.”

LOTS of Amazon sellers lower their prices on other marketplaces. This is in part due to the cost of selling on Amazon. Many buyers use other marketplaces to makes purchases and are aware that Amazon is frequently not the lowest offer.


Another dumbest thing ever. SO customer open return on earrings reason “too big” / “too small”. So stupid, because earrings exactly as described (yeh no one bother to look at measurements at description). In reality earrings not too big / too small, exactly as described, BUT too big/ small for buyer taste / ear etc.



Great point. Sellers can use this functionality to pinpoint which items are subject to excessive return abuse and exclude them from Amazon.


Or swapping bricks for books they received. Shipping back the defective item they sought to replace like the seller here that was receiving last years automotive tires as he/she did the previous year and yes, same buying joker.

A big problem with customer issues is UPS, USPS, Fedex, other carriers, even with Amazon Prime, How many times have you seen a customer complaint in the Feedback that gets a LINE through it as if it never ever existed, holding no shame: Non è colpa mia


And provided the customer has the right product. There was something about the A/C being wrong or something. I don’t sell A/Cs just seeds. And one customer said they planted 1000 seeds and none came up. This is because the customer does not know what they are doing. Said they watered the seeds twice a day–they killed them by drowning them to death. And it goes on and on. There should be a way for the voice of the seller to be heard–a way to challenge this and reviews.