Tackle return reasons with updated Voice of the Customer page


Voice of the customer data is invalid - period - end of story.

The Voice of the Customer data is invalid because Amazon tolerates buyers abusing the self-service return platform and selecting the wrong return reason codes (and entering gibberish notes in the text box when forced to enter characters) to circumvent paying for original shipping plus the return postage label. It also provides a backstop to return used items to circumvent restocking fees.

Amazon facilitates this buyer fraud by creating an environment where the seller is financially damaged for receiving negative feedback or other negative performance metric strikes for assessing a proper return reason code and deducting these aforementioned expenses from the refund.

Please let me know if you disagree and you’re an Amazon seller.


What would really help is if you require customers to write their return reason. Most of our returns have no written reason.


They also should do a better job of deciding which Returned items to put back on as an inventory for sale…We are selling apparel,and many times a returned(tried,used,wrinkled, with pet fur on…) item is been put for sale by Amazon facility for a second time. Guess what happens when that very same item is ordered by another customer for second time…all kinds of bad feedbacks and returns are going towards us. That is a serious problem! We have our warehouse as return address and some of the items are sent back to us, but some arent and someone decides they are good for sale or not…


We have insisted that buyers provide specific information when choosing several seller faulted reasons. Yes most are useless, butuu

2/10 returns item where product is not as described has resulted in us being able to change the listing with this evidence.

1/10 returns with product is damaged has resulted in changing our packing process.

5/10 bought by mistake with comment that buyer is a family member not authorized to purchase. Waive re-stocking fee tge first time only.


That’s why I’ve become very selective on what I choose to sell on Amazon. High ticket items I religiously stay away from on here; it is far too easy for customers to take advantage of sellers. Also, since it’s not Amazon’s money, what do they care if you, the seller, take a $500+ loss on a fraudulent buyer transaction.


With returns, this is almost never true. Returns are generated by people fueled by perceptions, incorrectly reading, conceiving something different.

The not as described is almost never true and simply compensates them for their mistake, lack of insight, blames the seller. “Have them pay”

Defect product return: actually never opened, joe blow in my social group told me to buy and complain.

The voice of the customer is a valid great tool when the customer is a true customer and not some agenda driven persona.

The Voice of the Customer should feed info back to Amazon on the rating process of buyer profile. Keep the buyer or find a way to negate any purchase by those who’s agenda is to shame Amazon and it’s sellers.

I note, we don’t have any problems with any of our buyers for a few years


Amazon should highlight to ask customers to read condition notes before purchasing any used items that will reduce a lot unnecessary returns.


I’m an employee with what I thought was full access to the account, I do everything for the biz (including posting this direct from their amazon account under their name)… but this is what I see for Voice of the Customer:

Invalid Access

  • You do not have permissions to view this page

Why is this stuff blocked for employees - the ones the boss would have to “yell” at to fix an issue like this.

Please reconsider.

Unless I’m wrong and I’m missing a permission of some kind? If so, please let me know!

(FYI, I can see my own, just not on the joint account i have access to)


If you think Amazon invented this problem you clearly haven’t been in the return line at a big box store! This customer spoiling started before the Web became part of the Internet. Amazon has to compete in this landscape, just as we do. The horse is already out of the barn.


Our Voice of the Customer is Perfect ratings or Good, all is 100%, no issues. Just that I know what seller games there are, their Last Man standing tactics and employing cronies to bring a good honest worthy seller down.


This whole feature depends on customers selecting the correct reason for a return. In my experience, customers rarely choose the correct reason. They tend to choose the reason that gives them a free return. Last week I had one case where a customer selected “Defective product…” as their return reason. However, in the comments, the customer stated that their reason for return was because they wanted a different color of the product because the color they had purchased didn’t match their wall.


Very true, worked in retailing back in my college days, silly unfounded returns well under the credit card processing time frame. 20%- 30% returns was a retail targeting quest.

Which requires buyer finding time to return to the store (spend time, wait in line, get money back, having receipt in hand). They were able to see the item they purchased, fitted the dress/shirt or pants, able to read the description and knew what they were buying.

With online purchases, you don’t see the item, don’t touch it, you can only imagine something fitting, working, filled perception by correct feedback or see through the false lies of cooked up feedback to gain confidence that your purchasing what you should, should it not, then a return is there to compensate a wrong purchase. This happens, simply its dealt with in various ways to reduce these events, or not sell it on Amazon period.


Forgetting the bad customers, it might be helpful to have buyers tell us what they think is wrong or misleading about detail pages. As a buyer and seller, I have found many that needed fixing.
If a buyer chooses misleading description, they should have to provide details before starting a return.


I add my voice to the other 73 sellers, Please help us and look into this.

Thank you


Not a useful feature for dimensional products when Amazon’s customers refuse to measure FIRST before placing an order. I’d rather see a common sense metric assigned to each buyer.


Lol, Voice of the Customer: I want it Free. Amazon: OK. Seller: Out all merchandise and fees associated.


Amazon only wants to make customers happy and they don’t really care about sellers. And even doesn’t want to pretend. Fake return reasons? Who cares!


What value is a metric that is based on a false premise? Customers use whatever return reason gets them a prepaid label.


You hit the nail on the head here. Amazon has created a retail atmosphere that actually makes great people do very bad things because they know they can get away with it and that feeling of power to a buyer makes them feel like god sometimes. Amazon is creating a world going in a direction that will be devastating to our future generations by preemptively making our younger generation aware of how to take advantage of every loop hole in the system and exploiting it to the fullest. Seems like shopify is skyrocketing anyway now because sellers are realizing that all these platforms do is hold sellers back from their true potentials.


Whenever a seller faulted return reason is selected, there should be some requirement of proof. The only downside to this is that some buyers still would defraud the seller by purposely breaking the product, so they could take a picture of it broken. Then you get back more broken stuff that is totally worthless.

The big problem is that integrity is rare in this society today.