Tackle return reasons with updated Voice of the Customer page


Along with customer comments the updated Voice of the Customer page provides a breakdown of all customer provided return reasons, such as misleading detail pages and defective products. This information will help you proactively improve your products or listings and address issues reported by customers.

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Voice of the Customer - New Amazon Metric
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While it is totally understandable to have a feature like this, in our opinion this is an useless feature in more than 90% of cases, especially those that are relating to FBA… Most of the time customers purchase a number of items or a “selection” and then return the ones they don’t want for whatever the reason that gives them FREE return. In other words they choose reason that either blames the product or the seller. So what to make of from their “Voice”??

In some cases the customers don’t even bother reading the product’s title (which fully follows Amazon guidelines), let alone the bullet points (let’s not even talk about they reading even first few lines in A+ contents)

Instead of only telling sellers to “improve” listing or “improve” products, Amazon should also think of ways to ensure customers know what they are purchasing and ensure they know what to expect. The “earth’s most customer centric company” should do at least this, to give their customers a real shopping experience.


Definitely,seems those returns reason like customer’s shipping address issue or bought wrong item that not seller’s fault are counted in NCX orders.Really?hopefully I was wrong.


— the reason for the return?
— it’s Amazon, so why not?

I am not being sarcastic here, I am talking in a realistic sense for both FBA and FBM orders. The pre-filled “reasons” for the return on Amazon are really not something worth devoting time to study, especially for FBA, which will be a complete waste of time.


-Customer buys new $399 Breaker box sfp.
-29 days later return request “bought by mistake”
-45 days later UPS delivers return breaker box that after opening to process return/refund it is discovered the breaker box returned had clearly been in a fire.
-Amazon issues full refund on sellers behalf.

  • Seller spends 2 hours researching and gathering up documents to file Safe-T claim.
    -29 minutes later Safe-T claim denied and has link to file damage claim with Fed Ex.
    -Seller appeals Safe-T claim decision stating Fed Ex had no part in any of this.
    -Appeal denied. Were sorry you don’t agree but all decisions are final. Any further communications will be ignored and may constitute… blah blah blah
    -Seller out cost of breaker box +$108 2nd day air shipping +$48 return shipping

Is there a voice of the customer box for this scenario for seller to tackle?
If not it may be a good idea because it’s all too common now.


Amazon needs to crack down on dropshippers ordering used books (and other goods) and attempting to sell them as brand new to unsuspecting customers. The goods are returned to the dropshippers who return them to us (the original vendors), claiming the condition was misrepresented.

This situation happens all the time. Why does Amazon continue to turn a blind eye to this practice?

Crack down on the dropshippers!!!


Just about 100% of the return reasons selected by customers, are wrong.
" Shipped wrong Item" – no the customer ordered the wrong item
this is just 1 example


How is it that “No Longer Needed” is a valid reason for return? Customer orders a binocular for their Alaskan cruise. Uses the binocular for 10 days. Returns home and requests to return because item is “No Longer Needed”. There’s a percentage of Amazon customers who think it’s perfectly OK to “rent” products from vendors for free, because Amazon makes it so easy to do. I read a post on an RV forum regarding how to fix a particular problem, which requires an expensive tool. He recommended people just buy the tool on Amazon, then return it for full refund when they’re done with it. As an Amazon vendor, this is beyond frustrating.


Agree. I read the book. It’s “no longer needed.” What kind of reason is that?


This should contain only “Damaged Goods” and thats it. Its so frustrating to have someone order my products where the size is clearly stated on the images and the title and the bullets and description to be allowed to return because “Ooops i ordered the wrong size its to big or to small” yet it goes against my return rate, because customers feel they order and can just “Simply” return the product due to their error of not reading the listing correctly.


99.9% of our returns, customers chose return reason that gives them FREE return. For example " item doesn’t match description"…when the item is returned back, it is 100% matches the description. Most of our returns are in the cosmetic category, where customers tries the make- up and don’t like the color on their skins…send us back used make-up that must be disposed of by law…That is despite our photos are manifacturer’s supplied photos and color pallet are provided by the manufacturer as well.
Since there is no control on what the customer choose as the reason for return, the voice of customer data is completely useless. Also as another post above " " Shipped wrong Item" – no the customer ordered the wrong item". Does Amazon thinks really that customers will be honest when selecting the return reason that will cost them $ in shipping cost and restocking fees? Really?


Amazon should had an additional respond button/option: report abusive buyer

on that page, so we can post our “Honest Opinion” about the buyer and the page.

Amazon had some of the most abusive buyers, and honestly, Amazon deserves it, as Amazon is toooo chicken sh*t to try not to hurt the buyer’s feelings.


I will not be surprise the buyer had swapped the parts.


I have no good answer for this. I agree with you partially. Buyers are able to do anything they want with almost no consequences. After reading a lot of posts in these forums, I am not sure this would work as there are a lot of sellers that would abuse this as well. Hopefully one day, they can come up with a workable solution.


My issue with reasons for customer wanting returns or refunds are: I found cheaper one some where else, No longer need, Ordered by mistake…
Ordered on a Saturday standard mail and expect by Monday and complain that it was too late and they want a refund.
So i tell them to return unopened and in new condition to get refund.


My favorite- “excessive installation”. I have never received a response from a buyer when I’ve asked for more details on the return, never. Yes, I would love to make my business better through the “voice of the customer”, but once a buyer has reached the decision to return they are ready to move on with life, not make your business better.


Here is the one that is really making me unhappy. Seems like I am getting more and more of these from FBA. Now I am losing money as they get a full refund and it is Amazon’s fault for missing the delivery deadlines which they impose and in a lot of cases, I am guessing, Amazon is the means of Delivery.
Amazon should pay the refund on these returns if they can’t make the delivery on time!


Amazon is placing sellers in a disadvantaged position compared to buyers.
In the long run, this will negatively affect Amazon.


it seems that the biggest complaint I’m getting and the cause of most of my returns is completely Amazon’s fault.
#1 Against my wishes, they constantly send out previously returned items as new. They denied this, but I backed it up with customer photos showing return stickers, customer testimonials, photos of the condition in which the item was received, etc. It’s been 5 years of this with no end in sight. And when the customer leaves a bad product review… Amazon takes no responsiblity. I get the bad product review because of Amazon’s delivery. They will not remove them.

#2 Amazon has now decided it’s a good idea to ship our fragile optical gear in envelopes instead of boxes. So now, customers are receiving telecopes with the lens broken, glass bits inside etc. I, of course, reported this to Amazon… who denied it. So I provided photos from customers showing this to be true. They said they would switch to boxes. They did not. It continues to this day. This problem is also generating bad reviews… which Amazon takes no responsibility for. As an extra slap in the face, they pulled the product because of these complaints… which were caused by them.

#3 Amazon states that to sell a product on a detail page, it must be exact. Unfortunately they do not enforce this. And instead, they are alllowing 3rd party counterfeiter to sell knockoffs of our products, from our detail page… fulfilled by AMAZON. When the customers receive these counterfeits, they are rightfully upset. Then they post a negative product review, claiming WE are selling knockoffs of our own products. Obviously we are not. Amazon takes no responsibility and will not remove these product reviews. We are brand registered, we are the trademark owners. Amazon takes no responsibility. for any of this and doesn’t seem to abide by their own policies. Quite frustrating. Apparently any department who can actually do anything about this does not have a phone. So, it’s just an endless waste of time chatting with the reps in India who say they sympathize, but can’t actually help. If anyone at amazon actually reads this, I’m happy to discuss what’s really going on with your FBA service.


The information from Voice of the Customer page is useless for me, i don’t know about other sellers.
Out of all my returns may be around 5% are genuine. Everyone on earth knows a lot of buyers give false reasons for return so that they don’t have to pay for the return shipping label. If most of the people were honest then we won’t need security cameras in brick and mortar stores. Amazon should put a limit on number of free return labels a customer can get in a year.