Systematic Problems with LTL shipments


Here is the list of a particular case which I believe strongly due to poor performing processes, a systematic problem not individual:
1- When you create an LTL shipment it may turn to “in-transit” before you ship it. (easy fix, talk to seller support, they fix it) This is how it begins, not the problem.
2- BUT, if it’s not picked up, cancelled out of the blue or you have to reschedule the shipment with amazon Relay Operations Center, prepare for the nightmare!
3- You have to create a case and you must mention the ARN number. If not, seller support will mislead you because they don’t know what is happening at all. They don’t even know what ROC is. They thing AZNG is the trucking company we must talk to!
4- If you are lucky and reach to Relay Operation Center (ROC) team somehow, then you must make sure that you are not a truck driver! Literally the same person who had to put up with an angry truck driver is now going to deal with you without knowing whether you are truck driver or not! And they will hung up, not wait for you to pull ISA number. By the way, did anyone see ISA number anywhere in the seller university?
5- The ROC team is from venus, we as sellers are from mars. We don’t speak the same language and technical terms. By the way yes, ROC team is your point of “amazon partner LTL carrier” and they are responsible to manage your LTL shipments.
6- We as sellers know “NOTHING” about how to manage this communication, how to reach them or email them. There is nothing in the “seller university” about them. No phone number, no email address.
7- We as sellers don’t have a proper channel to raise our voice too, no feedback channel at all other than this. And if you try to give a feedback to ROC team, you will talk to the same person!
8- Your LTL shipment may miss the amazon FC appointment just because of something out of your control, maybe poor management, maybe poor communication, maybe trucking company. And you will be punished without knowing, your pallets will sit in the yard for days and you think it because it is packed!
9- Your amazon app will give you the technical support to track your $5.99 grocery order, but you cannot track your $100.000 shipment to amazon FC!
10- I strongly believe ROC is managed extremely poor with very poor communication. I would love to write a 6 pager and a PR bulletin on “How amazon ROC improved the inbound shipments to FCs so that FBA back orders decrease at least 20%”
11- What if someone with an average IQ who knows the processes communicates with me (I am sending 1-2 FTL monthly) and help me with my LTL shipments??? It is not killing my business, it is killing amazon’s business too!