Suspended for Forged/Manipulated Invoice


My Account was deactivated for forged/manipulated invoice. My distributor is an authorized distributor and even wrote a letter of authentication for me for my items. I have wrote several POA’s and even had lawyers look over it and they said it was great and see nothing wrong. I addressed everything. My account is roughly 8-9 months old and nothing on my account health. It is pretty much brand new. Can someone help give me some advice? I have been getting the run around and told my information is not sufficient enough still.

Much appreciated


Do you have the manufacturer/brands authorization to sell on Amazon? Just because you have real product from a real distributor…does not mean you are authorized to sell online or via Amazon.


No I don’t but all I did was submit the original invoice and the next day I was deactivated. I didn’t even get a chance to do anything.
I even showed all email communications with the authorize distributor. All I want is my account back and I’m showing proof that my invoice is not altered/forged/manipulated


Did you submit a PDF file? Could be the problem.


Yes it was a PDF file. How is PDF a problem?


you need authorization from brand not from some distributor.
they fact that they might be authorized does not give them right to authorize others.


PDF files can be manipulated. Amazon requires copies of invoices, other than PDF.


What format is recommended?


PDF is OK as long as you don’t try to change it.


Everything can be manipulated. “copies of invoices” can be manipulated and often PDFs aren’t copies they are the original invoice. Amazon clearly accepts invoices in PDF format. If I was on their side that’s what I’d expect and want as IMO the other formats aren’t as nice to view.


AFAIK, the parameters that Amazon has set for the Document-Verification Amabot(s) that are designed to detect manipulation constitute proprietary information that is kept close to the vest (for good reason), but it seems to me reasonable to presume that investigation of the embedded attributes (metadata, properties, etc.) of a submitted document is likely what’s being examined.

Regardless of whether or not a particular schema embedded in a Portable Document File has been consciously modified by the End User, certain `puter configurations can make modifications in the background (which are unbeknownst to most laymen) that might trigger the Amabot to look askance; I think it’s at least a conceivable possibility that certain actions taken by the document-issuing supplier itself (for instance, creating the document through the use of illicit Adobe software, or opting out of the software suite’s expense via the use of freeware alternatives - both of which are common) could also produce conditions that fail to meet Amazon’s muster.

I suspect that the consensus of the forum vets of y’all’s caliber (such as our friend Old Marine) - that it is better practice to evade exposure to such unknown variables being in play by avoiding .pdf submissions in favor of alternatives not subject to the same slaving to unknown (and perhaps poorly-targeted) programming parameters to which they, at least, seem to be subject - is probably sound advice.


In your original notice, it should say formats accepted. They want pictures, not PDFs.


I have (finally) to disagree with you…
All invoices that I provide to amazon are PDF and all are accepted.
I don’t hide the prices…I don’t see any logic doing this…amazon can get any prices they want from almost any company in the world…so, why hide them ?
In addition to your points, my theory is that amazon has huge library of invoices from most suppliers known to them.
Suppliers don’t change the format or look of their invoices often or per customer…
If a seller provides an invoice that does not match other invoices from that supplier, this may trigger some bot or human to suspect the authenticity of that invoice.

Mega Amazon Seller Suspended for forged invoice. Never forged an invoice

I had this problem a year ago. Turns out that my supplier - the rights holder - had an office person who was manipulating their authentication letter in Adobe, instead of generating a fresh document. It took me a almost 4 weeks during the holiday season to figure out what was happening because Amazon won’t say why they’re rejecting the docs.

Once I had them type up a new letter in Word, sign it, and scan it (that was the key, not using the Word Save As PDF option) - my account was reinstated within a few hours.

Make sure they are generating a fresh new, unadulterated document for you and not simply changing an older one.

Hope this helps. Good luck.



What do you mean by that ?


We too had to provide supplier invoices a few years ago. I submitted pdf, it was rejected. I printed and scanned the invoice and voilà- it was accepted. Didn’t make sense to me because it was the same invoice, I was just happy to finally get it accepted. I think the scan format was jpg.


But that isn’t what old_marine said:

What does it even mean that they require a copy of the invoice? Are they just trying to say that you can’t mail them the original paper invoice that was mailed to you? Are they saying you can’t mail the supplier’s computer that has the original digital file that was created? As in what exactly is NOT a copy of the invoice?

I guess one example of something not being a copy of the invoice is something you created yourself.

Then the “other than PDF” bit I read as old_marine saying “Amazon does not allow invoices to be sent in PDF”

This is obviously completely incorrect both by the fact that amazon specifically says to send them PDFs and by the fact that so many people have provided them PDFs with success.

Every category/brand I’ve become ungated for via providing invoices and every reimbursement I’ve requested where invoices were needed has been in sent in PDF.

Personally, while it is obviously true that by providing PDFs you are risking a false positive from whatever techniques they use to analyze the PDF for forging, it just feels wrong to purposefully adulterate the PDF in order to mask something that may or may not be there. My PDFs were either directly from the supplier and IMO having the PDF be the same exact file structure that the supplier generates for me and thousands of other sellers is pretty valuable as far as automated risk analysis goes. And the rest are PDFs generated by me via printing email/webpage order views and if their tools detect a forgery in those PDFs then I’m sure they’d detect it in most everyone that submits PDFs.

Though I do enjoy thinking about someone editing a PDF but NOT completing the job and adulterating it further to hide the fact that edited it and then getting caught.

Ths is not a true statement unless it’s changed recently as from the two instances where I was required to send invoices:

File if you submit, .pdf, .jpg, .png, please send in any form of .gif. These documents are original, it must be one that has not been modified.
The above is a translation (from Japanese), I think it’s fair to say they didn’t actually say that if you submit PDFs, JPGs, or PNG to please them in the form of a GIF… and that this was just a Google Translate failure. But here is the same line from an English generated notice.
You can send .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif files. These documents must be authentic and unaltered.


I am not sure if I stand corrected or not. If I posted incorrect info, my bad. I have seen in the forums that PDFs were not accepted due to possible manipulation. Sorry for bad info.


I am certain Amazon has rejected PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs due to possible and real manipulation but that doesn’t mean those formats are not accepted.


Here is a notice another seller received within the past week. Note it does NOT mention pdf as an acceptable format.