Suspended by mistake help!


My accound was suspended in error.
On Oct 29 i received a waring to remove certain ASIN’s, those were immediately removed. On Nov 5 a lady named Claudia from Amazon called me before 6 am on a SUNDAY!! I was sleeping and barely could understand her. She mentioned about some ASINs that need to be removed to which i replied all Asins with notification ever have been removed. She asked me to reply to the email sent and look into my case log. When i finally woke up and had the chance to look up into my account, i found they were asking me to provide a plan of action, and not really pay attention to the ASINS, they said i should contact the trademark owner. I sent them an email. After submitting a Plan of action i got another email saying they cannot accept it because is not addressing the issue. I went then to look into the complaints for those ASINs, and to my surpsise under my account health, there was No complaint for those ASINs, those ASINs were not listed anywhere under any violation. Few hrs later that same day i got notification that my account was suspended!!!

I kept on sending emails to notice-dispute and they just immediately mark my cases as answered, but they do not reply anything or answer anything.
I got response then on Nov 8 from the trademark in question and they said it was a mistake and submitted their retraction to amazon-dispute, but my account is not been activated yet.
I again sent an email to notice-dispute and seller performance with this information and a screenshot of this email retraction. Now they mark this case as transfered… but still waiting for any reply or activation of my account.

Out of desperation i decided then to email personally to Jeff Bezos at with cc to notice-dispute and seller-performance…

What else can i do???