Suspended account


I registered my seller central account on may 25th, i opened using my email and payoneer i used for my business where the business certificate matches the names on my passport. Since then have been writing to them i have filled cases without any response from Seller central account, i dont know what to do because i want list my products but the account is not active. Anyone who can help me with ideas on how to go about it please.


Amazon USA is now very strict when approving new sellers to sell on the site. What triggers this kind of suspensions are the documents and information, which you provided at registration and during verification.

They don’t like pre-paid cards, online bank accounts like Payoneer, off-shore companies with virtual offices, businesses which appear to be set up only to sell on Amazon.

I would also advise you to ensure that all the documents which you provided were correct and exactly matching the information entered in your account details.