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Does anybody here still in account suspension? I emailed amazon and sent my documents, they replied that I may no longer sell on amazon etc… but I still try to send again an email, they said I may not sell on Amazon I need to provide these documents; Utility, business license (if applicable). invoice/receipts if I have active listings… but I don’t have active listings so I only send utility bill. They said one of their rep will review and reply soon, after three weeks no respond so I send again the document and after just a minute they reply that I may not sell on amazon… I don’t understand and don’t know what to do anymore.


You don’t want to talk to people who are still suspended. They’ve been unsuccessful in appealing their suspension. You want to talk to those who are NOT suspended as we can possibly help.

What country do you live in?

Please copy and paste your original suspension letter and all other correspondence between you and amazon. Don’t paraphrase. Post it all.

It does sound like the normal new seller review where you need to prove you are who you say you are. If you got the required stuff, it shouldn’t be hard at all. If you don’t…well lets not go there yet.

Could also be the credit card you used to sign up with. Must be actual credit card, not prepaid and not debit.

But if you post everything, folks will be glad to help. Hold stuff back and well, we’d rather eat popcorn than pull teeth.


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