Suspended account without any reason


After I created my account as an individual seller I received a message that the account was suspended and that I have to submit some document which I did.
couples of hours later still got the same message stating that I am still suspended.
so I decided to call and they transfer me to the seller support who then later send a mail to seller performance, cause I look like they are the only one to get in contact with seller performance., we can to by mail I know.
Well, I just summarise this issue by saying that I have been calling and getting the same answer we will make your case a priority and stuff.
I just have one question why my account got suspended I am a new seller and haven’t sold anything here so I haven’t violated any policy in this platform.
I checked everything and it looks ok from my side my credit card, my driving license, my eBay invoice which I send to them.
I am a non-USA citizen and will like to know if I have help with this here.
I open this account on the 10 of August.
It has been suspended many times., is like they will reply that is suspended i will send a message HI
to seller central and call.
Saturday I decided to use the button appeal and it says that it can take up to 5 days. I called today and she created a new inbound she also couldn’t see the reason why I was suspended. so right now I am waiting for the appealing decision, however, I need to be ready to take the next step because this has not been easy
I am really interested to sell here on Amazon but still don’t know how to go around this. is been more than a month already on this issue so I was thinking to close the account and reopen a new one and be more careful about the information with every little detail.
But my worry is that it will be with the same information, like my credit card, the utility bill to show to them.
So I will like to know if this is ok? if not then what should i do then?
Giving up is not even an option to consider so I have to make this work by all means.

Malaysian Seller - New Account Suspended. Please Help

Utility bill? e-bay invoice may have been a mistake.
Wait for others to elaborate while you look this over… Good luck!


That is not a suspension, but a normal procedure. Almost all, if not all, accounts go through this review.


Hi 2Befixt
tks why did you say is a mistake with ebay invoice?
well i did it because i live in sweden and all my bills are in swedish, so i decided to send ebay invoice for the simple reason that it was in english. i don’t have any paper bills most of my bills are deducted directly from my bank account. Also i am an individual seller so i though why will i translate a bill basically they just want to confirm the address right , and the address is not something that can be translate it remains the same. Correct me if i am wrong please .
tks again


Hello Papyrophilia tks again for the concern in my case .
Well i agreed is the normal procedure for all the seller but this procedure don’t take more that a month.
My account has been suspended for real please find all the pictures here plus the mail i received afterward . ( the mail says they have reviewed my account but i am not approved to sell on amazon).
As mentioned before it has being going on for a while i kept calling because i was convinced that i will fall on someone that might help, but it looks like it was not going to happened that is why i wanted to close it, i last call yesterday and she assure me she will make it a priority case as usual.
I am sure it might just be a minor mistake with something that i am missing that is why i really want them to give me the reason so i can fix it.
As for the appeal i did it directly on the page i t was a bit complicated cause it looks like is made for the people who already sell on the platform, however i found a template for a guy that i follow on youtube and i used it i make it suit my complaint.( in the appeal i basically apologized if in anyway i may have violated the policy of the platform, it was not my intention to do so i will gladly followed the instruction carefully the next time if only they give me the opportunity to fix the issue. Also that i will like to know the issue in order to solve it since i am not selling yet )
I did some research and i heart a guy saying that he had the same problem , so after a month he decided to close( delete ) the account and reopened a new one after 3 months and this time he was very cautious and he got accepted.
The reason behind this is that i have called too much and the seller support have send so much inbound as case priority on my behave , plus regarding the mail that Amazon send on the 27 August i Quote " **l,We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may not sell on We may not respond to further emails about this issue.".
But even after this i keep on calling no answer from them just inbound and mail created by the seller support that i contacted .
Of course i am determinate to use his platform and will not jeopardized my chances in any conscious way, so tell me what do you suggest me to do?
where do i find informations how to go around it?
i have search everywhere but most of the case are people who are already selling who got suspended.






Hi, I am facing the same problem too. I have appealed on 28 August and still not feedback was given since. I am a new seller and has provided every document they asked.


You might consider re-submitting the originally-requested documents AS A REPLY to your most recent open case…

…but BEFORE you do this, please read very carefully the entire post that @2BeFixt provided above (provided again here for convenience). This was written by forum- and Seller-veteran @Rushdie.

Make sure that all of your documents adhere precisely to the recommendations in that post. For example, a utility bill that needs to be translated must be notarized–and many more. Rushdie delineates extra considerations for International Sellers that will be particularly helpful to you.


Hi tks i have checked , looks like i need to get my utility bills translate before i submit my case again.
please do you think the Kindle account is related to a seller account here. i ave checked and it looks like they are not , i am just trying to find out what is the issue, cause still have not gotten any feedback from amazon.


No … Kindle and Seller accounts are not related.

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