Suspended account with a perfect record


My account has been suspended today with a reason stating that I sell counterfeit products.
My overall feedback score at the time of the suspension was 100% 5.0 star rating and zero A to Z claims. Never the less I never had any claims ever nor any negative feedback ever. What appeal can I write? How can I apologize in the appeal for something I have not done? What kind of a plan of action can I create if my plan only gave me 100% performance.
Does anyone know what to do?


What were you selling? Just because you have 100 percent feedback, does not say you are not selling counterfeits.

If you tell us what you were selling and the quantities you were selling, Im sure we would have a better idea on what happened.

Amazon will not tell you what items were in question. You need to know yourself what you were selling and then figure out the problem.


Amazon never tells anyone what item was suspected as counterfeit. They will not answer questions, they only want solutions, not excuses.


Amazon assumes (correctly most of the time IMHO) that if you are selling any counterfeits then you know what they are.


I think it would be fair to contact seller support and ask them what item is counterfeit. if you do not know what it is, you can not fix the problem. A generic statement from someone saying “you sell counterfeit merchandise” doesn’t really tell you anything.


You have to figure this out. +Don’t waste your appeal by asking questions+. Comb through your inventory to determine what product(s) that may be questionable. Gather receipts and other documentation that supports you are an authorized reseller of what you have listed.


We understand … different category but same problem.
> If my products were not authentic, not only would people leave a negative feedback
Possibly … possibly not.
> but open a lawsuit against me and Amazon for counterfeit creams that go on peoples faces.
VERY unlikely.

What you are missing is that they don’t need to complain to you. It may be a competitor who doesn’t think you are selling legit and they may have even done a test buy. If so they CAN’T leave negative feedback.

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PS - As to the receipts I wouldn’t just yet. ESPECIALLY if you emailed already. You have a limited number of attempts to get reinstated …


+If my products were not authentic, not only would people leave a negative feedback but open a lawsuit against me and Amazon for counterfeit creams that go on peoples faces.+

You are missing the big picture.
I believe your suspension email stated you “possibly” where selling counterfeit items.

You are getting hug up on feedback which is meaningless. Amazon knows you feedback and they don’t care, so you shouldn’t focus on something that Amazon doesn’t give much value to.

When I started selling on Amazon a long time ago. Amazon required me to apply and provide links to my business. They wanted to know what I was selling and my business plan, before I listed my first item. It took weeks to be approved to even list anything. Now they let anyone on the venue and deal with them after a few sells.
You need to provide paperwork from authorized wholesalers. You need to provide a detail business plan that will address how you will insure all your product are legit. What research have you done to insure the products are on the up and up? These are the type of things Amazon is looking for.

The appeal needs to be easy to read.
Bullet points outlining the steps you take to insure all your products are legit and how you will continue to take these steps are easy to read. Add any new measures you will be taking.
Attach the paperwork that proves the items are legit.

Good Luck


I was selling in the health and beauty section. Mostly cosmetics, fragrances and anti aging products.
I’ve had a few return requests that were all resolved and of course there is the top performers and the bottom performance metrics. Even the bottom performance ratings were in the 90’s percentage rate. My account was under review for exactly 20 days and it seems that a computer suspended my account. Account review began on November 7th sometime during night time and 20 days later on November 27th my account has been suspended also during night time.


If I contact seller support and ask them what were the products that are counterfeit, I will never get a direct response. I will get an automated email saying that I need to follow the procedures to write an appeal.


I can go through my inventory hundreds of times. There is not a particular product that would indicate the problem. I can have a positive feedback for a certain product and than for the very same product the buyer may write an email that he or she is not really happy with it. It is like finding a needle out of a haystack.


Sorry to hear this. It’s one of my greatest fears … getting the boot for something either you have no control over or just didn’t do.

Anyway, Amazon apparently has basically adopted a 0 tolerance policy on this …

This is an email I got the other day :

    Hello from Amazon Services,

    Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Maintaining a trusted marketplace benefits both our customers and sellers. To preserve this trust, we vigorously enforce our policies against the sale of inauthentic products, and we would like to remind all sellers of DVD products that Amazon prohibits the sale of the following:

    • Counterfeit products
    • Recordings not authorized by the copyright holder
    • Recopied media in any form
      We strongly advise sellers of DVD products to purchase their inventory only from known and trustworthy sources. Each seller is responsible for performing due diligence on their inventory sources and ensuring they only sell authentic products. Sellers should be especially cautious if purchasing inventory from sources with which they do not have an ongoing business relationship.
      We would like to remind you that the sale of inauthentic products may result in the suspension or removal of your selling privileges even if you have no prior knowledge of the infringing activity.
      More information on this topic can be found in the Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy,, and in seller Help by searching on “condition guidelines.”

    Amazon Services


Health and beauty has just as much counterfeit as does video games.

You still dont understand, if you are buying them within the us from legit wholesalers, then showing your invoices would have been the first thing you should have done.

You are relying to much on your feedback to prove your point. Someone, somewhere as said you are not a authorized seller of their beauty products.

If you have invoices you should have sent those with your appeal.

You will not get reinstated by just saying you are selling authentic products. You have to prove it at this point. You did not prove it yet, and you will not get reinstated.


Assuming the receipts are from the manufacturer or an authorized manufacturer’s distributor, yes.

If you saw an internet or magazine ad for brand name products and did not verify they had an existing relationship and were authorized, then no. Don’t send the receipts.

I suspect that you are selling counterfeits without realizing it.


What you need to do is prove that you get your items from reputable and authorized companies.

My guess would be that there’s a name brand product in there someone doesn’t believe you are an authorized seller of …


> If I contact seller support and ask them what were the products that are counterfeit, I will never get a direct response. I will get an automated email saying that I need to follow the procedures to write an appeal.

Don’t ask any questions of seller support or seller performance. If you ask what products were noted as counterfeit, they will not tell you. They will not tell you how to submit your appeal. They will count your questions as your appeal and say thanks for playing, and issue a permanent ban on your account. You do not get to pass Go, nor collect $200.

Gather your documentation that proves your items are legitimate for resale. That is what you need for your appeal.


I thing this reads a bit better …

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to appeal the suspension. --We will do-- have done our best to determine the cause and the root that lead to our account suspension and will provide all the necessary explanation and clarification.

The cause of our account suspension is in regards to selling counterfeit products as was outlined in Amazon’s suspended account notification email.

We have reviewed our entire inventory to determine what are the product(s) that are considered counterfeit and have removed them permanently from our inventory section.

We were able to determine the specific products that are considered counterfeit by downloading our performance report, reading through our previous messages from buyer and the context of these messages focusing primarily on the nature of the question and the complaint on given products.

We also reviewed all of our existing and closed return requests and the main reason for the opening of those return requests. The items in our return requests have been reviewed and removed from the inventory as well.

We have taken a plan of action to make sure these incidents do not occur again by thoroughly reading Amazon’s policies on restricted and prohibited products. We have also created a plan for evaluating the success of our remedy actions.

Our inventory will be checked daily on regular basis. We will also conduct a better research of the products prior to listing them on Amazon for sale.

Thank you very much and we hope that Amazon can reinstate our privileges to continue selling on Amazon.

+If there is something else that you feel we should be doing please let us know.+



While I wouldn’t quite yet either … as many think this is how Amazon gets sources for them to buy from and cut us out … it still is a possibility that it’ll be needed.

And yes … it sort of is what they are asking. Showing a chain of purchase proves authenticity.

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The SPACING is what I changed most … Long paragraphs tend NOT to be read fully.


They told you they suspect that you are selling counterfeit items. Providing documentation is the only way you can prove to them that you are purchasing legitimate inventory and you are authorized to sell it.

If you are going to go the route of," we removed all the listings where someone complained," you also have to remove all your listings for that manufacturer’s product line.

If you can’t prove you are allowed to sell legitimate items, you can’t sell them here.


No. That fact simply proves that buyers haven’t submitted negative feedback or file claims, yet.

The fact is, at some point, someone thought that you sold counterfeit items.

During the appeal process, don’t state that your buyers are happy. Prove your items are legitimate so that Amazon is happy.