Suspended Account- want to close it


I opened by mistake an American marketplace account. Now I can only sell in us. ca and mx

But I live in Europe and want to sell in UK and Germany. But Amazon does not let me register for these markets. Also they tell me my account is suspended because I don’t provide my tax number. But how if I don’t have an american tax number?!?!

This is some bs here. Also no customer service who answers you. neither by phone or email. You are kinda screwed here as a seller and noone helps you.

So what to do?? I am at this point that I just want to close this account and want my 47 dollars back from the charge they took from my creditcard…but they also don’t let me close my account because it is still suspended. And again. Noone answers my emails


Go to your Settings and select Individual Selling Plan. Then select Vacation mode. Then ask to have the refund by opening a case.
Tax ID number in the States Is EIN or Social Security number. What you use to prove to your government you are an alive unique person.


Well as already said before it doesn’t work for me since I got suspended aka selling privileges have been removed. So I can’t change to individual selling plan. I tried to appeal already for 10 times. Noone answers me or helps me on this platform. Donno what to do…


Open a case with Seller Performance via Seller Support


I did 10 times. Nothing