Suspended account : .mx and .ca but not .com


Good evening,
We want to register our brand to create a Store and use A+ announces.
However, for MONTHS, my company has been struggling to cancel the suspension of our Canadian and Mexican Marketplace.

I will try to be as clear as possible on what happened :

  1. We created a seller account in the European marketplace, France only (where our HQ is), to test the compatibility between Amazon and our back-office.

  2. We registered our brand in Europe, France.

  3. We created our Store and some A+ announces. We sold some product.

  4. We subscribed to the American Marketplace, our main market.

  5. We created some product and started selling on Amazon .com only (no .ca, no .mx)

  6. Our American account was suspended because Amazon Seller Central was unable to read our legal documents.

  7. A couple of days later, the .mx and .ca account were suspended.

  8. After several exchanges, we were able to cancel the suspension of our Amazon .com account.

  9. We started selling again on Amazon .com.

  10. We tried to register our brand to create A+ announce. But when we tried, we got received an error message: impossible to register our brand because marketplace .ca and .mx are suspended.

  11. We contacted the Health Support team FOR MONTHS. DOZENS of time. To understand why our .ca and .mx account are suspended.

  12. We got several answers over time:

  • because the legal documents are not recognized. We sent back the ones we sent to Amazon .com (those who rehabilitated our .com account). No answer.
  • because our bank detail needed to be updated. We updated it with the same account we use for amazon .fr and amazon .com. No answer.
  • the amazon .mx support told us the intellectual property litigation we were trying to make needed to be done on a brand registry support. But we never did an intellectual property litigation on amazon .mx. Especially since we are not able to register our brand on the American marketplace… We replied to ask how this reply is related to our situation. No answer.
  • for amazon .ca, a member of the Account Health Support team replied us: “At this time your selling privileges are active, and there is no action required of you”. BUT THEY ARE NOT! There is still a warning (“Your account has been deactivated”) and we can’t create our brand because Amazon .ca AND .mx are suspended. We replied with screenshot proof. No answer.
  1. We opened another case 1 month ago, but got no answer…

At this point, we are desperate since we didn’t get any helpful answer for the Seller Central service.

Could you help us to unblock the situation?

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,


Hi @ProTubeVR

Thank you for your post. We would like to seek your patience as we look into your situation. In the meantime, you can take the chance to find out more about our policies through the account health dashboard (AHD) as well.

Sophie (苏菲)


Hello Sophie.
Thank you for this confirmation.

The AHD doesn’t provide us any helpful info about our problematic.
“Reactivate your account” > “Contact us” > “Account Health” ticket submission gets us no answer or off-topic answers. And the view case log allows us to only see the pain & the obstacle course of what selling on Amazon is.

Hope to read you soon with good news, or at least the step by step guide on how to resolve our current situation.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hello Sophie_Amazon, any news?
My Canadian and Mexican accounts are still suspended, and I have no clue why and how to resolve it.
I opened several support cases for my problem, but I got no answer from and .mx Seller Service.
I can’t create a brand and store and a+ content without them.

Someone could help us, please?

Thank you,


Hi, is your US account still fine? we are in the same boat. I am scared


Hello @m2z.
My US account is still fine, but unfortunately, I got no news for CA and MX.
I contacted Amazon Canada seller Support, 6 November.
The next day :
Nov 07, 2020 12:02 AM
Your case has been forwarded to another Amazon team and they will contact you regarding your question.”

Since, I got no news.

What the hell is this Support?
For months, even 1 full year of on-way exchange with the Amazon Support…
How does Amazon require us, the sellers, to be faultless, and forgiving, and generous, and always on time?
While they are not even able to lead by example, and I do not mention the abomination of Amazon Seller Account’s UX …


Send both CA and MX the same message which I’ll post below.

Do so by switching to each Marketplace (CA & MX) by changing the location within the drop down next to your Marketplace flag at the top of Seller Central.

    Dear Amazon,

    I am writing in response to my seller account suspension under Section 3 for, “We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site.” I believe that was my US Marketplace side of this account.

    In the notice it says “Once you have successfully reactivated that account, please submit an appeal to reactivate the current account.”

    I have resolved the issue with the suspension on my US Marketplace and it has been reinstated.

    –Related account

    Email: _______
    Reactivated on: _______

    I ask you to please now reactivate this seller account.



Hello Oneida_Books,

Thank you for this advise. I will do it right now :slight_smile:

I will come back as soon as I have an update.

Have a great Week-End


Hey Oneida,

If I understand you correctly, the MX account can get mixed with the US account? Our MX account got suspended too, and the 3 letter code Account Health gave us started with the same 3 letters our account started with back in 2017. He mentioned that this account were created back in 2017, but were based in the US (ours is in Norway) and was created in 2014.


How did you get us account reinstated?


My US account did not get suspended, so it might not be it


Hello @Oneida_Books,

Unfortunately, I asked for support but I get no answers :’(

I get several problems, with the “submit an appeal” button.

When I use “Submit an appeal or additional information to reactivate my account” : It tells me it’s not the correct channel to submit an appeal. But except this one, I already used a couple of times and get no answers, there is no other one!

There is a mention about “View Appeal” Button, but there is none on our Dashboard.

I clicked everyday on “reactivate your account” and it leads me to “Performance Notification”, where there is nothing to help me. There is the subject “您的Amazon.ca卖家帐户” form July 28, 2020, with:
"How do I send the required information? Please submit your documents by following this link:"
Except that since the beginning, I get redirected to… Performance notifications… And I got no possibility to send a mail or an appeal on this page…

When I use “Get help with my appeal from Account Health Support”: I received the same previous mail, leading to nothing.

Then, I went for a direct contact. When completing the request, I was proposed to do an appeal. I clicked yes and I was redirected to Performance Notifcation, where it leads to nothing since I can’t use any link there to do the appeal.
So, I sent another direct contact request, this time asking to be recontacted by mail and phone. Nothing since 1 week…

Hello @Amazon_Notification @Sophie_Amazon, anyone to help us ?

Best regards,