Suspended Account for Related Account Review Manipulation


For crying out loud, did you read @papyrophilia’s linked thread? Because what you suspended guys have got in common is zon master.


Oh really? How did you “take over” an existing Amazon Account?
How is that done?


I’ve seen this when someone works for a company — the selling account is the company’s.


Because they harvest emails, use Super URLs, and retarget the same customers with future promotions on other products by the same seller, using Zon Master is just asking to be suspended.

At least at one time they also required buyers to submit a link to their reviewer profile to sign up and let sellers pick and choose what buyers qualify for promotions (in other words they let them choose buyers that hand out 5 stars like candy). Any site that distributes promo codes and requires a buyer’s reviewer profile is in violation, especially when that site also makes it easy for sellers to request feedback and reviews from the (cherry picked) buyers that used the promo codes.


We don’t use any promo codes in our emails even thought that is a service they provide. All we do is a follow-up sequence that is allowed via amazon ToS. ZonMaster is just like the many other Feedback/Review apps that you can find right on Amazon Seller Central! I’ve used many of them, they all work the same. I also know quite a few people using ZonMaster, it’s very popular and they have not been suspended. I don’t think it’s the application, but how you’re using it and what you’re sending your customers that can get you in trouble. We have triple checked our emails and nothing close to violating any longer. I did email Amazon Performance about ZonMaster and our email sequence. Told them we updated all our emails to be well within ToS and that we won’t do it again… answering all their questions. They replied with same email, it’s not enough. And again they keep referencing reviews and friends and family.


any longer” …? :face_with_monocle:


Stop trying convince everyone you’re innocent.

You’re the one who’s suspended


don’t know what the other/previous managers situation is, but I would have him removed or seriously restrict the permissions he has, just to prevent that from being a potential source. if he is angry and has access this could just be the beginning.


Do you have the same reviewers leaving reviews for a variety of your products?

You might not be able to tell, but perhaps some of your customers ONLY leave reviews for your (discounted) products.

Again, you don’t have to do something wrong to be suspected of doing something wrong. Figure out what looks “wrong” to Amazon.


provide more details on all this company, new & old manager, employees etc.
it’s a stretch, but if you have a fair amount of employees, some could be buying and giving reviews.


and the 2 I’ve read about lately weren’t good for the new account guy!


Yup, I read a thread maybe yesterday about an ex-employee sabotaging an Amazon account/business. Since it happens on the regular to b&m businesses, it shouldn’t surprise.

(But there have been a rash of recent suspensions using this 3rd party zon email / coupon service… so that seems the likeliest culprit.)


i’m seeing more and more of the “launch” companies getting new sellers turned into used to sellers.


That’s because Amazon prohibits using promo codes with the intent to inflate product rank as well as intentional manipulation of search and browse function. That is pretty much all that the shady launch companies exist to do.

Giving a few promo codes out to launch a product and build word of mouth is fine. Having promotions visible on the product page and available to any buyer is fine, really no matter how many buyers utilize them. Giving out dozens or hundreds of promo codes outside of Amazon through services with buyers that pretty much only buy discounted products with promo codes looks like an attempt to manipulate rank rather than legitimate sales. If the same pool of buyer’s order multiple products from the same seller at a discount, it looks even worse.

When those buyers get to the products through Super URLs or fishy looking keyword searches that require passing by higher ranked products to get to the seller’s product that they just so happen to have a non-public promo code for, it is impossible to deny that the process was an attempt to manipulate product rank as well as misuse of search and browse.

When buyers using promo codes review your product at a higher rate than buyers that pay full price and/or give higher average star ratings than buyers without a promo code, it is a safe assumption that getting the discount influenced their decision to review the product and the rating they gave it. You have now added manipulation of reviews.

When numerous people from the same pool of buyers buy and review multiple products bought with non-public promo codes that are sold by the same seller after getting to the product page page through Super URLs or other intentional misuse of the search and browse function, you have a manipulation trifecta: rank, reviews, and search/browse. :thinking: I’m pretty sure that is the premium package at ZonMaster, Uberzon, etc…

Suspended for manipulaing sales rank, browse and search and feedbacks, ratings and reviews

So I wanted to provide an update to everyone who was kind enough to provide feedback and guidance as well as those who may have the same issue in the future.

The problem boiled down to asking for reviews on deeply discounted sales. Using ZonMaster a popular feedback solution we did a follow up email sequence that asked for ‘un-biased’ reviews. We also ran a promotion that provided our products at discounts up to 80% off. The problem came when the people who purchased at the discount also received a follow up sequence asking for a review, if even asking for an honest un-biased review. In Amazons eyes (or anyones really) the person who got a deal is more likely to leave a positive review.

So, if you use any of the many approved or not approved apps for follow up emails make sure they have the functionality to not send to customers who may have purchased at a deep discount.



@Jonny5 – Thank you for this update!

:worried: Can you let us know whether your account has been reinstated?

Did you provide a POA?


For future readers, please see the following posts in this thread:

Account is related to accounts that have written Amazon customer reviews for products that you have a financial interest in

Yes, we provided a comprehensive POA around these requests for reviews from customers with discounts admitting our wrongdoing and making sure we have a plan in place to not do it in the future.

Our account was re-instated a couple hours after providing this POA.


Hey congrats! :tada::champagne::+1::bouquet::clap:

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