Suspected Intellectual Property Violations


I received Suspected Intellectual Property Violations for using the word Gildan. I removed the word Gildan from the listing but Customer service wont reinstall the listing. I removed the word Gildan from all of my listing but still getting Suspected Intellectual Property Violations
What else can I do to resolve it? who can i contact?


Did you send the requested corrected detail page to Amazon to verify that it should be considered for reinstatement? The email or upload link should be within an email that they sent you regarding this issue.


Yea I did and their respond was
you are not able to edit the ASIN yourself or edits are not winning contribution In this case, we would request you to reach out to our catalog team as they will be able to fix the issue. Therefore, please create new case with the catalog team

I already deleted Goldman from the listing


At this point, you will need to obtain a letter of authorization from Gildan (or Goldman - which was it??) to be able to sell their products on Amazon, and request that they contact Amazon to remove the IP complaint.

That is the only way you will be able to get your listing reinstored.


I removed the name Gildan from the listing opened. CSe with Amazon Amazon still saying that Gildan is showing up on my listings even that it does not show anywhere
I sell on Amazon for 11 years never had that issue before
I sell my own design I do not sell plan Gildan shirts
Can someone from Amazon help me ?


I edit all the listings and opened cases but still getting this message

Addressing your policy violations in a timely manner will prevent unnecessary disruption to your selling account.

Also my account is showing as Risk


Odd that Gildan wouldn’t be allowed as they’re one of the largest sources for blanks for the apparel industry. Upon searching their website for a brand usage policy, I see " Please contact the Gildan Marketing department at [look up email] to acquire our logo and brand usage guideline."

They might have a specific way for you to describe that your item is on Gildan blanks that you’re not following.


I also used pictures of Gildan T-Shirts now Amazon wants me to remove all my listings pictures that Gildan logo is showing I have thousands of listings…


Not odd because many of the t-shirt screeners use Gildan in their listings when only the blank shirt is Gildan.

These are no longer Gildan products. It like using the US Steel trademark for your switchblade.


Right, but most T-Shirt companies are fine with statements like “printed on Gildan g500” or “printed on Bella Canvas” and they often have a brand policy on their website that states how to phrase it in online descriptions. It doesn’t sound like this is a brand violation, but they’re taking down anything with Gildan, in the description, keywords, images, etc, despite the decorator’s brand being the brand on Amazon.

My guess is Amazon wants to carry Gildan blanks and doesn’t want the competition reselling blanks and the decorators are getting caught in this. Gildan has always been super hard to be a blank wholesaler, and they’ve recently expanded to craft stores recently, so it would make sense for Amazon to want the goods too.


They are taking down magazines with articles on Paul McCartney or Elvis Presley as trademark violations.


Gildan has no problem with selling their product to wholesalers like me, It looks like Amazon has a problem and as you guessed they probably are going to sell Gildan shirts