Suspected Intellectual Property Violations


i have 8 Suspected Intellectual Property Violations.
All of them were removed, and i no longer sell these items…
how do i get them off of my account heath page??


You don’t. They drop off after 6 long months. I had 1 (unjustified–for a product I hadn’t sold in years and neglected to delete from seller central, but was never in violation in the first place) and it drove me nuts every time I looked on the performance page (everything else was perfect). Finally went away this month.


You shouldnt have removed them, you should have contacted the catalog team, and got the listings fixed, most of the time its a brand issue and can be fixed by someone on the phone, but once you delete your listing, you can not longer do that. So now you have to wait. And its a long time for them to drop off.