Supplier Changed Carton Size at Last Minute


Hi there,

Our supplier supplied us dimensions of the carton for our product which we used to create and approve the shipping plan and book our freight forwarder. Now with a few days until mass production finishes, the supplier has informed us that the carton dimensions are likely to change slightly. I have pushed back saying that we cannot change this information at such a late stage as everything has been approved and paid.

My question is, can I update the dimensions of the carton? What are my options here? I dont want our shipment being rejected by Amazon…



How much of a change are we talking about?


Hello, we are still waiting for our supplier to tell us the new dimensions. Is there some tolerance in the dimensions we specify to Amazon, or does it have to be to the exact millimeter?


You can always change the size no problem. A problem occurs when it changes from Standard Size to Oversize, say. Because the fee changes drastically, for one. :joy:


Can you change the dimensions even after you have approved the shipping plan though? How…?