SubmitFeedRequest InvalidRequest Error


I am getting below error when i try to do SubmitFeedRequest call.

The service cannot handle the request. Request is invalid.
InvalidRequestThe service cannot handle the request. Request is invalid.

Below is my request

SubmitFeedRequest submitFeedRequest = new SubmitFeedRequest();
submitFeedRequest.Merchant = sellerId;
submitFeedRequest.MarketplaceIdList = new IdList();
submitFeedRequest.MarketplaceIdList.Id = new List(new string[] { sellerId });
submitFeedRequest.FeedContent = File.Open(“Feed.xml”, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
submitFeedRequest.ContentMD5 = MarketplaceWebServiceClient.CalculateContentMD5(submitFeedRequest.FeedContent);
submitFeedRequest.FeedContent.Position = 0;
submitFeedRequest.FeedType = “POST_FBA_INBOUND_CARTON_CONTENTS”;
SubmitFeedResponse submitFeedResponse = mwsClient.SubmitFeed(submitFeedRequest);

Anyone has this error? Appreciate all the help.

THank You


This is only a part of the entire required data.

Specifically though:

This seems to be empty. It is required in submitting a feed.


Thank You for the response.

i am providing the data for ContentMD5. It went in the next line.

submitFeedRequest.ContentMD5 = MarketplaceWebServiceClient.CalculateContentMD5(submitFeedRequest.FeedContent);



OOPS. In my defense I was sick yesterday when I was posting.

I’m swamped but I’ll throw this out…

I don’t think is a sellerId, but MarketplaceId

Where is the new IdList?

IdList marketplaces = new IdList(Arrays.asList(“Marketplace1”,“Marketplace2”));

I’m still getting over this though so maybe I’m off. I haven’t worked much with my java lately, sorry


Thank You for taking time and provide the response.

I am able to make the call working.

But i have a different issue now. 2 questions.

  1. I don’t see the Feed information getting update on the Shipment in the Seller Central. Any idea ?

  2. How can i update the Shipment Mode ?image

Thank You