Submit additional information bottom is not showing any more


Hello seller performance team,
I need help to appeal through Account Health (
The bottom is not there any more after one of the reply which notice me one of the appeal is accepted.
I have sent email to do the appeal and reply as attached. The email is not in use.
Please help to offer me a way to finish my appeal. I have modified the listing bullet point under inventory management. However it won’t update because the listing is not active in the Amazon catalog. Please don’t put me in this circle again and again.
Kind regards
Ryan Song


Hello @Wowganiser,

Pax here from Amazon.

Another option for you to submit your appeal is to use the Contact Us option in your seller central. It will enable you to submit your appeal which can then be transferred to the appropriate team. Just ensure you clearly mark the submission as an appeal to be transferred, and notate the violation you are appealing for ease of transfer.



Thanks Pax,
I will try this