Stuck Inventory Due to Suspension


My account was suspended, I’ve submitted appeals but I received rejections to both. I tried making removal orders for some of my stranded inventory but I’m unable to do so due to my account status.

Amazon support says I have to have my account reinstated to make removal orders for my inventory, however I haven’t heard back from amazon seller performance in weeks. What can I do?


What was the reason of the suspension?

Sometimes in cases of authenticity issues, Amazon will not allow you to create removal orders for the stock.


It was an adult guidelines policy violation.

I am able to make removal orders for ACTIVE listings, just not deleted listings. As a means of appealing and having a good plan of action I deleted any listings I felt had policy issues, this, however had the unforeseen consequence of not being able to remove that inventory.


As in the wrong category or were you trying to circumvent the category? Adult requires specific approval.


This is always tough. Normally they will hold any inventory that is tied to IP Rights or Inauthentic Complaints while allowing others.

Best thing to do is get reinstated …

Not sure your issue but read through this thread :


Hey OB, yes I’ve read your post and attempted to get reinstated, but I’m feeling that I’m not getting a good response. This isn’t in regards to IP Rights or inauthentic complaints, but rather an amazon policy violation (my first offense, this is a new account) and now my inventory can’t be removed (Though other inventory can be removed if the listing is active)

It’s been 2 months and the account is still suspended and I’m not getting any response from amazon after my first two appeals failed. I’m not sure what to do, and I want my inventory back, there’s a fair amount of it locked up with no ability to retrieve it.

Besides arbitration is there any other way to get this pushed through, or just sit on my hands and wait for seller performance?

Thanks in advance.


I was approved, it was a product that some had listed as adult and other’s did not. I requested the product no be listed as adult and the catalog team agreed, then I was later suspended when the item was automatically flagged later as adult.


I replied to your PM. You POA has a long way to go …


Although I have never used FBA, if you deleted the listings, prior to the removal order, in haste, because of the notice, it may create some confusion, when and if you are able to have the suspension lifted.

Oneida should be able to help you, sort that out.

2 failed appeals and stuck inventory, Any hope?

Yeah that’s the exact issue I’m in. Oneida has been able to help out a bit with the appeal, I’m just worried amazon doesn’t seem to be responding after final wording my appeals.

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