Strange orders! Over 40 orders’ phone number are a same landline number with different ext


I received over 40 orders use the same phone number +1 415-851-9136 with different extension numberson on last 7 days. All orders are FBM.
These orders from different buyer, different address, and they bought different products.
It’s so strange.Does anyone know what is going on?
Thank you very much.

All Customer Phone Numbers the Same?

The number is Amazon’s and the extension is a temporary link to the customer. This matter has been addressed in other threads.


Its Amazons way of keeping the customer phone # private.


I see! Thank you very much.


I watched that post, thank you so much!


Amazon also tells you about it at the top of the screen.


No. But you’ll find out soon enough…! :worried: :disappointed_relieved:


Google the number and you could find this

Link removed - Lake


I’m amazed that you take the time to check buyers phone number…


The reason is a customer placed two same orders, and I noticed the extension number are different.
I send him a message to ask if ordered in error, he didn’t reply but sent two cancel request to cancel two orders. Then I remembered that I saw some similar phone number before,and all are concentrated in these days. I‘m afraid it‘s a mischief or other things that hurt the store, so…:joy::joy::joy:


Googling phone numbers and address is a key tool in fraud prevention. I don’t do it much on Amazon, but on website direct sales I have blocked thousands of dollars of fraud with a little google searching - like ph# is mentioned on forums as being use for fraud, address is claims Apt #XYZ, but google show address is freight forwarder. Address does not make sense for the product order (scammer orders two hot tubs, address is a apt building and google streets show location is clearly shady - like the building is covered in gang graffti and looks like a prison with all the razor wire.

I did save myself one from 10 fraud orders on Amazon by googling the address and finding it was an empty lot.


Very useful post - this morning we have 20 orders wit the telephone +1 415-851-9136 ext. *****

I have not confirmed them yet - was going to report to Amazon, but as I read this post not need to.

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Did you ever consider that Google was behind on addresses? I live in areas where there is lots of development and even Google Maps thinks the roads don’t exist.

It doesn’t happen often but I recall one address that USPS said that it did not exist, and even the road and zip code didn’t exist. Google said the road didn’t exist either. Because I figured it could have been two addresses from two different cities crossed (I see this frequently from college students), I called the customer to confirm their address and say that USPS says it doesn’t exist. They told me it was a new development and USPS hadn’t updated their database even though mail gets to their door.

I’m not saying those weren’t fraud orders in your case but that online data isn’t always correct.


I have a lot of different data mines I use when I think an order is hinky. Doesn’t come up that often on Amazon orders, but for website orders I have gotten very good not only sniffing out fraud orders, but also finding the real card holder and giving them a heads up to cancel the card, which will hopefully allow any other merchants the got scammed to recall shipments before delivery, which I am sure really chaffs the scammers when they are watching the tracking and seeing their $5,000 item sudden turn around when its a day way.


That’s not what you said. I’d be interested to know how you get transaction information from an Amazon order when none if provided.


I’m not gonna share my secrets. and its probably a violation of forum policy if I did.

But Amazon fraud orders tend to be different then website fraud.

Most of the Amazon fraud orders I have gotten are sabotage orders where the person is not trying to steal the goods, they are just trying to create problems and there are usually warning signs.

Real Amazon fraud for profit seem to happen more often in my case with return fraud. I have posted about that before - I have certain products I am very reluctant to ship to plastic surgeons because they have a really high rate of return fraud. (they use the item in the practice, and the try to return it used claiming it not “medical grade”.(and I never said it was, its a home improvement item).


I just got an order with that same phone number. It came with an oddly formatted address that led me to believe that it was a freight forwarding company. My suspicion was correct. A quick google search of the phone # and address shows that it is a freight forwarding company with multiple instances of fraud associated with both Amazon and ebay. I hope I’m not penalized for canceling the order as I specifically listed that “Orders addressed to freight forwarding companies will be canceled”


You cannot do this on Amazon. You will take a hit for the cancellation. There are specific rules about orders going to freight forwarders on Amazon. Suggest you look them up.

We ship to freight forwarders all the time. It is not the location that is the problem but sometimes their customers.


I’ve had multiple problems with fraud when shipping to freight forwarders, especially with cell phones with many claiming to have never received the item. Since I’ve found multiple cases of fraud associated with this particular freight forwarding company I’ll gladly take the hit. Years ago I won an A-Z case involving a freight forwarding company because I do not ship internationally and it was determined that the customer was using a freight forwarding company to circumvent my policy.


I think with AZ’s policy on freight forwarders, as long as you can prove delivery or use AZ Buy Ship…you should be covered. But you are in a high fraud category.