Strange activity


Something strange happened to us and was wondering what was going on and if anyone else has had similar issue. Out of the blue a couple of days ago we received a text on my phone from an Amazon Delivery person that need help with the delivery of order. I missed the text and they said they delivered the package on the front door step. Problem is we have no incoming orders. It has been a few months since we had ordered something (and it was delivered on time). We sell on Amazon I was thinking it might have been a return or something but Amazon Delivery people don’t handle returns as far as I know, we have always gotten returns from USPS. I looked at our orders page on our “buyers” page and no new orders. Well today I found an Archived email (have no idea how it became Archived) dated the same day as the text message the email had the order # on it. So I went on Amazon and looked at the details of the order and it was a $400.00 go pro camera. We did not got get billed for it the person used an American Express card (we do not use any American Express). The item was delivered to an address in Saint Louis MO and we are in Kansas City MO. Also while looking around I did find the order on my “buyers” orders page, it was Archived. I have never Archived anything before, not sure what the purpose of Archiving is so never done it. I contacted Amazon and the “Account Specialist team” will look into it and contact me in a couple of days. First thing I did was change my password. It’s just strange that someone would use my account to order something but pay for it with a different card.


Is this an Amazon Pay question?


Not an Amazon Pay question. Not sure what category this would fall under, and the list of categories that was provided Amazon Pay was as close as anything else.


Amazon pay is a way of accepting payments for other e-commerce sites.


Got it. Posted under a different category.