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i’ve got a Product on Stranded Inventory with the Reason Missing SKU ; i accidentally deleted the Listing and the Product. The Product is now only in the stranded inventory to see. i tried to relist it - its says that * Sorry, the SKU you have provided doesn’t match any of our records. - i tried to list the product als new listing , adding a product , preatty much everything i know . does any other had already the problem and know how to manage this issue ? thank you


Whenever we had this issue in the past adding on new offer on the same ASIN with the same exact seller SKU worked and the inventory was linked to the new offer.


that is what i read the hole time , but as i try to relist the product with exactsame SKU will not allow with the reason that the SKU ist aready used.


should i delete the product from the stranded inventory before trying on listing it again ?


You can’t delete it from stranded inventory. How long ago did you delete the original listing? You sometimes have to wait up to 24 hours to reuse a seller SKU.


thank you i update-delete field and recived email from amazon that has been deleted. i will try again within few hour to see if i can list again


it will not work , i tried so many diffrent ways. i contact the seller suport but even with them help can stil not figure it out how can i actualy solve this problem .

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