Stop selling Apple


that’s exactly right, Amazon hasn’t been friendly for pas year or so… i hope another good marketplace starts beside of ebay… do you know of any?


think this through a minute. So presume a 25% drop in margins for resellers. The ripple affect will be felt by everyone who sells used or broken devices from the one by one seller to the huge liquidators, and the huge chain stores who unload these broken products at auction. Prices for parts will go down. Thus prices for the cost of good sold will drop. Demand will stay even. No change. Yes more people selling on eBay, but who cares. The weak from Amazon will leave the business, so competition will be less fierce.

Not trying to cheer lead, but my initial response of panic first thing this morning, has changed to calm.


Our parts don’t have apple logo on it.


Watch a couple of other videos from him. You’ll start to understand the gist.
Apple does not want anyone but Apple to sell anything Apple related.
Or unless you pay into their program. And even then, they limit the abilities.

They would rather tell someone an exuberant, ridiculous price to fix an item.
And inform them it’s in their best interest to buy a new device altogether.
When fixing it outside of the Apple store would realistically cost very little in comparison to the cost of a new device.


Actually Apple has changed that up recently for the better. They are even now allowing authorized repair centers the ability to replace screens. They are not as cheap as the third party shops using knock off screens but your warranty stays in place and you get a full device 90 day warranty after repair. And some of the knock off parts are pure junk.


Hi, will this effect discontinued products that Apple no longer produces anymore? If Apple is no longer making the product I don’t see why us sellers should be barred from selling those used items if we are not in direct competition with Apple.?


Anyone looking to hire a highly successful third party seller of Apple products (96% rating) the last 3-4 years who knows everything inside and out about Apple products as well as how to manage and run a storefront on Amazon and knows all of their policies? LOL! I knew it would happen eventually, just didn’t want it to happen so soon. So many good older Apple devices are in their prime right now.


Reading the thread would’ve gotten you your answer.

We contacted amazon seller support on whether older discontinued apple products are impacted by this policy change and unfortunately they said yes… And also all conditions are affected, new - used - refurbished. Only the RENEWED program participants are not impacted but you have to proivde proof of $2.5M of Apple purchases every 90 days or $10M a year and so unless you are a big player you wont be able to qualify for the RENEWED program…


Dear Seller,

This is Craig, the associate working with you on this case. I want to thank you for contacting us with your concerns in regards to discounted APPLE products affected by this. Thank you for replying back to this case to clarify another question.

All products under the brand Apple will be affected by this, including products that are no longer manufactured or even sold by Apple store. This is due to the agreement made between Amazon and Apple. Only products that Renewed Sellers are offering as part of the Amazon Renewed program are not impacted by this change. For more information on Amazon Renewed:

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I know. We’ve tried too.


The reason is
Apple plans to sell more of its products on Amazon.


Are you kidding me. Amazon Renewed ? Read this For approval to list on Apple brand in Consumer Electronics categories , we require invoices dated from trailing 90 days that total $2.5 million in Apple products. Invoices have to be directly from a national Wireless carrier or retailer with over $5 billion in annual sales (Example: Verizon, AT&T or Target) or the manufacturer (Apple). We also accept Invoices from Assurant, Brightstar, PCS Wireless, and Vertex.


Doubt there is anything we can do


Well, that is certainly one way to gate a brand.


Need to find out if the gate is wood, pvc, chain link or concrete.


It would appear that the gate (let alone the entire wall) is concrete about 5 feet thick. It also comes with barbed wire, land mines, and perimeter surveillance radar.


They are blocking used items. There is no such thing a knock-off apple laptops. I can’t understand why they feel they need to stop used laptops from being sold.


how does one get approved to sell used product when apple doesn’t authorize used product?


No they are not kidding. Frankly this is a blessing. Some of the sellers on renewed at the beginning were horrible. They also aren’t looking for companies who simply buy small amounts from unknown refurbishers. They want quality.


Susan, is this change going to include old Mac games too? These are not made by Apple, but were made to run on their computers, and, in my case, considerably old ones at that.


I just read a CNet article on this topic and the content is almost a cut and paste of this thread, down to mentioning Amazon Renewables, loss of business for 3rd party sellers and quoting Susan’s responses as coming from an Amazon spokesperson. Something really needs to be done about forum privacy