Stockton SMF3 Receives, But Slow To Receive


I have 1 shipment received 7 days ago to Stockton SMF3 which still has not been checked in. A 2nd shipment received 3 days ago and still has not been check in.

Any others having this problem with Stockton SMF3, and if so have you found a solution?


Rob Goodwin
Cold One®


We are having issues with SMF3 as well. Finally got 3 boxes checked in after 7 days of tracking showing delivered. They started to receive them 24 hours ago but only received a few units out of the total so far. I hope they receive the rest of the units. These were one box shipments each so I don;t understand why they would pull just a few units out and then not complete the whole box.


Today, the delivery received on the 21st was check in. It was 3 pieces in one box. The 4 cartons of 25 pieces each received on the 26th have still not checked in.


Yes, I’m also finding them slow to receive.

Usually with the distribution centres they’re fairly quick to check in and receive and then it’s just a question of waiting the several days for FC transfers

With this FC you might have to wait a week for them to actually receive before the transfers start

I’ve also noticed the transfers are taking longer than before.

Before I was looking at around 5 days or so, right now I have ASINs that are taking closer to 10 days .


My experience is similar to yours. I guess that is the level of service to expect from Stockton SMF3. My recent 4 cartons were delivered on the 26th, 3 of the 4 cartons were received on the 30th and the 4th carton as still not received on the 1st.


Ok, I thought I was the only one. Is this a new location? This was my first time shipping to this location. I have one box delivered a few days ago and it still has not been checked in.


First shipment of 3 pieces via USPS Priority took 8 days to receive. Second shipment of 160 pieces in 4 cartons via UPS took 6 days to receive. Third shipment of 160 pieces in 4 cartons via UPS took 5 days to receive.

I think they are getting their procedures sorted out.


I’ve got 5 shipments that were delivered on October 1st- still not even checked in

Shipments delivered to other FCs later than this have all been checked in and most of them received and live.

Stockton FC really sucks.

They shouldn’t have opened if they don’t have their procedures in place.


Stockton SMF3 is very noticeably and by far the worst warehouse of all the ones we’ve been given. A current example is a shipment they accepted 10 days ago on 9/26/18 that they haven’t fully received.

Seller Support has been no help. They keep sending the standard we’ll take as long as we want message “please understand that the receiving process varies from shipment to shipment. Hence, we do not provide an exact timeline.”


Yes it’s standard when you open a case regarding a shipment you will get the auto reply.

However, I suppose there’s a vague possibility if everyone opens a case about issues with the same FC that it might register that there are problems that need to be addressed.


I have a shipment at SMF3 that has only been partially received – 160 out of 206 items. It hasn’t been updated since Sept. 18. Originally it was eligible for reconciliation on Oct.3rd. Then on Oct 3, the reconciliation date was pushed back a week to Oct 10. Never had the reconciliation date postponed before. Sadly, the missing 46 units were mostly textbooks which would have been hot sellers during the fall quarter textbook rush at the end of September.


SMF3 is very slow to receive. I sent two boxes to them. They were both delivered on October 11. Both are still in “Receiving” mode 8 days later. Frustrating.


Having the same delays with SMF3. Previously all my shipments would go to ONT8, which usually finished receiving no longer than a few days. Now I have a dozen shipments to SMF3 that have been sitting in receiving for 2 weeks. Really frustrating considering inventory planning estimates for “days of supply” becomes inaccurate.


We are having exactly the same problem with SMF3 our inventory has been stuck in receiving for over 2 weeks and is out of stock, reconciliation keeps postpones.


Yep, same issue. Reconciliation keeps on moving one day into the future each time you check. Have 8 shipments received mid to late October that are still in receiving. In addition, they lost 15 units from one shipment (and are gradually starting to find them).


I dread to think how long they’re going to take to check in and receive shipments arriving now.

If they were so slow to process outside of the peak period It’s a concern how it will take when it’s busy


This is getting a bit obscene. Have 16 shipments sent in October that are either showing as delivered or as receiving. It looks like the delay is about 3 weeks per shipment. ONT8 used to be done in no more than 5 days.


Yes disappointing. I planned ahead of time, but with this slow receiving in Stockton, and consequentially late posting on Amazon, I will miss the Black Friday sale opportunities… This is BS.


On the one hand Amazon wants us to effectively manage our inventory emphasizing the IPI on the other they’re unable to facilitate this with the FCs.

Careful planning is futile .


Stockton SMF3 receiving issues are not consistent. My shipments for the last 30 days have been received within 1-2 days of UPS delivery, and checked in within 2-3 days. Of course there is still the lag for re-distribution. I do not that after checking in the inventory, the FBA Shipping Queue shows status as receiving for several week thereafter.

So not perfect, but in my case, better.