Stock of MFN products in Amazon


I’ve been looking for a MWS report that returns Amazon stock of our non-FBA products, but I can’t find any reports that return this. I can only get products that are FBA examples: GET_FBA_MYI_UNSUPPRESSED_INVENTORY_DATA and GET_FBA_MYI_ALL_INVENTORY_DATA
Is there an equivalent for these reports but for MFN products?


Use the Reports API to retrieve the following report _GET_FLAT_FILE_OPEN_LISTINGS_DATA_


Also the old report _GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA_ can be useful for that.

Field list:
item-name,item-description,listing-id,seller-sku,price,quantity,open-date,image-url,item-is-marketplace,product-id-type,zshop-shipping-fee,item-note,item-condition,zshop-category1,zshop-browse-path,zshop-storefront-feature,asin1,asin2,asin3,will-ship-internationally,expedited-shipping,zshop-boldface,product-id,bid-for-featured-placement,add-delete,pending-quantity,fulfillment-channel,Business Price,Quantity Price Type,Quantity Lower Bound 1,Quantity Price 1,Quantity Lower Bound 2,Quantity Price 2,Quantity Lower Bound 3,Quantity Price 3,Quantity Lower Bound 4,Quantity Price 4,Quantity Lower Bound 5,Quantity Price 5,merchant-shipping-group,Progressive Price Type,Progressive Lower Bound 1,Progressive Price 1,Progressive Lower Bound 2,Progressive Price 2,Progressive Lower Bound 3,Progressive Price 3