Stock Limits Keep moving the Goal Posts



Our Standard limits where 5600 last night and we have wanted to ship an order for the last two weeks. Last night we could be this morning we cannot, every time we wait for our shipping limits to get to a point we can ship they are reduced again.

What is going on here? Is this happening to other seller? Why not just tell us we cannot ship, dont build up our hopes and then crush them everytime we get our within our limit allowance again


Yes, it has to do with a finite amount of space being shared amongst so many Sellers. Everyday Customers buy things and everyday Sellers send in more inventory. Think of the limits more as an availability on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


Unless you’re a brand new seller with no experience. Then you can send in 1000 units, no questions asked. So collectively, 20 new sellers could send in 20,000 units, no questions asked. 30 new sellers could send in 30,000 units, no questions asked. Etc…


“have wanted to ship an order for the last two weeks.”
A lesson for the future…
If you have stock on hand, don’t wait…ship it.