Still suspend sale after accepted my POA of copyright infringement


I have received notifications on Account Health Page of my 2 ASINs about copyright infringement on Oct.12.

And i received performance notifications that states that the Seller Performance Team have reviewed and accpeted my POA of these ASINs on Oct.16 and Oct.21.

However, those listings are still suspend now, and i can’t edit them through my seller center.
I opened many cases and one of the Seller Support told me that those ASINs are inactive because of the restrictions on hot-selling products(hot ASIN).

I suspect that I have been maliciously attacked by a competitor so that the listings are judged incorrectly as hot-selling products by the system.

I also emailed the Seller Performance Team many times to express the situation and asked for solution. But they only replied “This email address is not the correct appeal path…” while i sent to email address which the Seller Support gave me ( / ).

No matter what i say to seller support, they only replied that i need to ask Seller Performance Team because they are not be able to help.
No matter what i send to the Seller Performance Team, they only replied it is not the correct email address.

So what should i do to solve this problem?? It looks like an endless loop.

One of the ASIN is the main product of my store, which is maintaining a good selling. They are all designed and produced by my own factory. Now this unsaleable situation has seriously affected my sales and overall performance. I am really confused and worried about this. I have spent lots of time on this. I want to active those ASINs ASAP. Please help me find a effective way to do it.

I can accept the rules, accept the judgment of the system, but you need to give us a way to appeal, to explain, to ask for help!