Starting January 31, 2019, PO number will be appended to buyer name for Amazon Business orders


What is changing?

Starting January 31, 2019, for Amazon Business orders:

  • In order reports returned by the Reports service, a Purchase Order (PO) number will be appended to the recipient’s name in the buyer-name field.
  • The ListOrders, ListOrdersByNextToken, and GetOrder operations of the Orders service will append the PO number to the buyer's name in the BuyerName element.

Who is impacted?

Developers with applications that use the Reports service or the Orders service to track orders for Amazon Business sellers might be affected by this change.

What action is required?

Update your application if you foresee this change having an impact on your order management workflow. Note that sellers will be able to use the Add or remove order report columns page in Seller Central to prevent PO numbers from being appended to buyer names, both in their order reports and in the responses returned by the Orders service.

Here is an example of a buyer name with a PO number appended: John DoePO0123456789

This change does not require you to download new client libraries.

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This seems like a pretty poor implementation. Why isn’t a new field added to the order header?

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