Starting April 2021, we will validate tracking IDs entered while confirming shipments for all seller fulfilled orders using Seller Central, Amazon MWS, or Selling Partner API


What is changing?

Starting April 2021, Amazon will validate tracking IDs based on the carrier selected when selling partners confirm shipments using the POST_ORDER_FULFILLMENT_DATA and POST_FLAT_FILE_FULFILLMENT_DATA feed types in Amazon MWS and Selling Partner API (SP-API).


  • The Tracking ID is represented by the ShipperTrackingNumber attribute.


  • The Tracking ID is represented by the tracking-number attribute.

Invalid tracking IDs provided at the time of shipment confirmation will result in a warning but will be ship confirmed.

Selling partners can identify orders ship-confirmed with invalid tracking IDs via this warning message: 'The tracking ID tracking id for carrier name does not match the expected format for the carrier. Please verify that you have entered the tracking ID and carrier name correctly.'

Note that valid tracking IDs may be required to confirm shipment in the future. Amazon will provide notification prior to implementing tracking ID validation as a requirement for shipment confirmation.

Which marketplaces are affected?

This change applies to all marketplaces. Due to the nature of this change, it is starting on different dates depending on the marketplace.

  • This change applies to the Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and Turkey marketplaces starting April 15th, 2021.
  • This change applies to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain marketplaces starting April 19th, 2021.
  • This change applies to the US, Canada, Mexico, and all other marketplaces starting May 3rd, 2021.

Who is affected?

Developers with applications that confirm shipments are affected.

What action is required?

If you have an application affected by this change, be sure to update your application workflow to consume the warning and required error codes. If the tracking ID is invalid, highlight it for appropriate action by the selling partner.

For more information

For more information, see the ‘Confirm multiple shipments with feeds’ article in the Seller Central Help for your marketplace.

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