Start selling in India to reach millions of customers


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Are the performance requirements so high because only sellers with a lot of room for performance hits would survive? Seems like a “hold my beer” kind of proposal. But I do not sell internationally now, so I may be a-feared of the idea in general.


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Good insight. As of now, the link to determine eligibility redirects you to a “page not found.” Which usually means that Amazon’s announcement was premature.


may be you need to know what is India time:joy:


I see false claims, chargebacks, INR, negative feedback, patent, copyright and trademark rip-offs to name a few reason why I will NEVER sell outside the United States and Canada.

Yes these happen here, but there is recourse available if Amazon does not treat you “fairly”.


Agreed 100%. selling in Amazon for 10 years and had stop selling overseas other than Canada many years ago. There are too many free loaders.


I totally agree with you…wouldn’t consider selling there. Just thought it was interesting


Think twice; not even going to begin to expand on the problems you’ll be putting in motion.


If you think scamming is bad in the USA, try India lol.


It seems the link is not working.


as an indian myself selling on usa and also having a separate indian amazon seller a/c

i dont sell in india myself…most buyers will ask COD (cash on delivery) then refuse to take the product and start negotiating with the delivery person if they can get a discount.
returns are too high because they use the product and return back.

indian customs is a mess meaning any shipment landing in india takes like a month to release

indian tax and GST compliance will give you grey hairs while you are in your teens.

thanks but no thanks


India’s national language is English. is massive and e-commerce is thriving. What Amazon US needs to do is better educate sellers how to cross-open accounts on
Plus educate ignorant persons like you on the language proficiencies. Not a bad things certain sellers aren’t eligible to sell in India via amazon, doubt you’d understand the culture and therefore, their needs.



I wouldn’t mind selling in India, but the last package I sent was returned with a sticker from the post office, saying USPS will not ship to that location. I never did get a shipping refund. This is a big waste of money unless there are actual cost effective shipping options; that Amazon could provide - like they do for FBA. Why not extend the deep UPS & Fedex discounts to FBM items and sellers.


Is this what it should look like?


Easyship recently wrote a blog post on the countries with the “Toughest Shipping Restrictions.” India topped the list. They write of India:

High import duty and the need for more personal documentation on delivery are some of the international shipping restrictions you will have to grapple with when sending products to India. For most products, the import duty starts at 22%. But for items such as home appliances, beauty and health products, the duty can go as high as 50%.

The need for more personal documentation is another shipping restriction to India that you will have to deal with. The receiver of the product is required to produce or fill more personal documentation to complete the delivery; otherwise, your package risks being returned. India is also a vast country, and delivery times are longer.

I know I won’t be selling there.


Somebody at Amazon must have watched “Outsourced” and thought it would be a good idea to make products available to India.


Does anyone at Amazon have more information on this? I get the same “not found” error that others reported. In addition, I see some info in the help area which seems to indicate that the marketplace is only open to domestic sellers. Can anyone clarify?