Start selling in India to reach millions of customers


Okay what is the problem here?! First the link above tells me the page is no longer available. So I go to the news post and that link works.

Then I click to see if we are eligible and then it links me to a page to say “link to single sign in account” and 2 other options so i do the single sign on and i login, it does the OTP, and then loads right again to the same dang page!!!



When i click the link it says page not found?

Use the link from the home page with the NEWS links



Um, no thank you!!!


I have been scammed even more by Indian seller than Chinese seller. It’s going to be a nightmare for most of US sellers.


I have not had issues with scammers from China, but I have stopped all international because after COVID my lost (or so late I had to refund) packages were over 10%


Sell in India, and then lose product and money to INR claims. Sounds good.


When we sold internationally, we sold quite a few books in India since many speak English
(remember, those enthusiastic colonizers,the British, were there for longer than in America).

As you stated, most of our buyers lived in the metropolitan areas such as New Delhi and Calcutta.
However, when AMZ gives away free, I find it ominous.


No, thank you.
5 years later maybe.


We can hardly survive on the .com marketplace with manipulations, screwed search, INR’s, lousy sellers service and reckless returns.

So who in their right mind would want to lose more money, products and time to sell in India, while Amazon continue to pile their pockets with our hard earned money!


Yeah, that’s what I want…more interactions with people in India…

Where’s that “shakin’ my head” emoji?


Where’s that “shakin’ my head” emoji?

Right here… :fu:

The people who write these ‘news’ articles sure have b-a-l-l-s, I’ll give them that. Amazon seems to have become nothing but a big propaganda machine…

Look at us! We’re great! We care about you! We know what we’re doing! We have your best interests at heart! We are here to help you succeed!



Texas_Exile_Books… actually thatperoid of time when England was backing way to give Freedom & independent rule to India, is absolutely fascinating…

There are entire dynasties of families that were stationed in India, I’m sure it was quite a rich experience… unless you had a daughter of marriageable age --that went native…

Why do you think there are so many Curry shops in London & outlying areas… They all developed a taste for the cuisine…

Not to mention all those interesting souvenir household pieces that came back, many of them from endangered species, where else would you have a footstool --Taxidermy scenario of an elephant’s foot… as a prized decorative item in your parlor…

I acquired a ton of homeopathic books that were printed by B.Jain, New Delhi , they’ve done extremely well, all vintage, most of them unobtainable, at this point…

Many of them came from the same eclectic collector & they were from the Bodhi Tree bookstore --a very interesting place of other things in the Melrose, edge of weho… now no – longer in business…

Actually – anything that I acquire from the dead folks out here – from the Bodhi Tree, an enlightening place – is always worth money…

Many of the ones on Amazon get shipped to Freight forwarders, so who knows where their final Landing place will be…

The really nice homeopathic books are printed in England , and they’re extremely expensive…

DC HEATH had some very nice paperbacks I can’t remember who printed all the beautiful hard covers…


Yes, that’ll do. :rofl:


**what is the required performance metrics to be able to sell in India?

I’m assuming, since we’re also ineligible, the powers-that-be are enticing those who presently sell internationally or Megas (high-volume).


When I was a new seller and very naive I shipped to India a couple times.

Literally every single buyer said they didn’t get it.

Going to pass on Amazon’s latest attempt to help sellers give stuff away for free.


Awesome opportunity but items will be lost and delayed as the infrastructure & road is not well build.
I hope you success other wise.


same here.


@ Woof_Linen Your lucky day, mine too

clicked and not found (curious). Indians should sell to India, we should stay away.


I seriously doubt there are “millions” of customers over there who can afford U.S. based pricing. Absurd.